• 20 Oct

    Google Analytics – Location

    Google Analytics, where are our users located .. ūüôā


    Limagito Team

  • 15 Oct

    Source LIST option

    Dear Users,

    At the moment we’re adding a new Source option called [LIST]. The LIST as Source will scan for text files containing the full Windows path to files that need to be handled by our File Mover.

    LIST as Source:

    LIST Setup:

    The example above will search for “txt” files in the folder “C:\Test\In_LIST\”.¬† The records in this txt file will be ; separated. The second field will contain the actual file that needs to be handled by our file mover. Double quotes ( ” ) as Field quotation mark.

    Example content of a LIST file

    Field1;”C:\Test\In\First File.doc”;Field3
    Field1;”C:\Test\In\Second File.doc”;Field3


    The Files from the LIST file will be checked by the File Filter Setup. Directory filter doesn’t work with the LIST option.


    Limagito Team

  • 07 Oct

    Remote Support

    Dear users,

    We’ve changed to ‘Deskroll.com’ as our primary remote support solution.

    How it works

    • Goto¬†https://deskroll.com/
    • Click ‘Join Meeting’
    • A download will start because¬†you will need to install a small piece of software to enable the remote support session
    • Run the application and send us the passcode displayed on this small piece of software
    • Click¬†Yes¬†when prompted to allow remote support session.

    Downloads (directly)

    widget-blueDeskRoll for PC

    widget-blueDeskRoll for Mac


    • Security.¬†256-bit AES communications encryption, SSL, protection from passcode guessing attempts.
    • Works through firewalls, proxies, NAT.¬†All you need is Internet access, there is nothing to configure.
    • IM chat.¬†Often useful even if you can have a phone conversation.
    • Remote support of Windows and Mac users.¬†Mac app is automatically offered to Mac users.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team