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  • 20 Aug

    User Accounts option

    We’ve started adding a new option called ‘User accounts’. The basic part is ready, meaning the possibility to add/del user & password.

    When enabled you will need to add a valid username & password to logon.

    Next we want to add the possibility to select which rules will be shown to a user.


    Limagito Team

  • 13 May

    Code Page Identifiers

    In Limagito v11.05.13.0 we’ve added the following function:

    Function psSaveTxt2File(Text, Destination: String; Encoding: String; WriteBOM: Boolean): Boolean;

    This function can be used to convert text file encoding. The ‘Encoding’ string var that needs to be passed to the function can be found in the name table in the following link:

    In the following example we’ll read the content of a text file (File Filter is set to only pickup .txt files) and save it using ‘ISO-8859-1’ encoding.

    On Destination Pascal Script

    aList: TStringList;
    aString: String;
    ctOutputPath = 'C:\Test\Out\';
    psExitCode:= 1;
    // ... add your code here
    aList := TStringList.Create;
    aList.LoadFromFile(psFilePath + psFileName);
    // Save
    psSaveTxt2File(aList.Text, ctOutputPath + psFileName, 'ISO-8859-1', False);
    psLogWrite(1, '', 'Pascal Script Exception');

    Best Regards,
    Limagito Team

    By Limagito New Option
  • 30 Oct

    Remote Client, Proof of concept

    We’ve finally decided to create a ‘full’ remote client for our FileMover. This means that we’ll spend a lot of time the coming months solely to add this feature. Believe me, we’ve tried lots of options available on the ‘code’ market. Lost a lot of coding hours too. The first remote client will be a native windows client (32 and 64 bit). It will use IPC (Inter Process Communication using Named Pipes) to connect to the FileMover Application or Service. We’ll start with a very basic version and will keep adding options that are already available in the FileMove Application GUI. The second version will use IMC (Inter Machine Communication using TCP/IP) so you’ll be able to use this remote client over your network.

    Proof of concept:


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