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  • 13 Sep

    How do I get multiple files and folders to zip into a single zip file?

    This is a question we often get from users. It isn’t possible to do this in version X (at least not in a decent way). That’s why we decided to add this in version XI (starting from v11.9.13.0).

    The (UN)ZIP Destination Setup Form where you select ‘ZIP’ and your destination directory of the zipped files.


    Next screenshot is taken from the ‘ZIP’ tab. Here you can choose between zipping to seperate files or to a single destination file. The default is to seperate files so we are compatible with previous versions. When zipping to a single destination file is selected then the option below will be used. This option is called the ‘Single destination zip filename’. This is the destination filename that will contain all files found during a single scan. We’ve add a parameter button on the right so you can use variables in this filename (NN = minutes and ZZZ = milliseconds).


    We’ve also added a new advanced option (‘Advanced’ Tab). Now you can choose whether to use renaming with the destination zip filename (=default) or renaming of the files in the zip file. So now you can rename the source files found during a scan inside the destination zip file.



    Limagito Team


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  • 29 Aug

    Feature Idea – Destination Templates

    A while ago we got the following request

    “First – being able to create destinations that you can pick when you are setting-up jobs would be helpful.  Primarily, FTP, SFTP, FTPS. For instance if I want to have 5 separate jobs that need the same FTP information and credentials.  I would like to be able to save connection information to use it when creating the FTP, SFTP, destination.” 

    We’ve started adding this option to our File Mover. In version v11.8.29.0 it’s possible to export a destination to a template file.


    After Export you can change the default export template filename. The screenshot below is an export using the default template path and filename.


    The content is quite readable.


    Our next step is to add the import option.

    Import option was added in version



    Limagito Team


  • 27 Aug

    Considering Limagito as a replacement


    We’re considering Limagito to replace our current solution. A few questions:
    1. We feed incoming filenames to a PERL script, which outputs the replacement filenames for the files at their destination. How could we accomplish this in Limagito?
    2. ..
    Thanx. Mark.
    Until now this wasn’t possible so we had to add this. To accomplish this we added some extra features to the Command option (v11.8.27.0).
    • Redirect Command Output to PS String Var A (%VSA)
    • Line Number to Redirecy to PS String Var A (%VSA).
    Both options are used to redirect the command output to the Ps string Var A (%VSA) which can be used later in the renaming of the destination filename. Setting the Line Number to 1 will take the first line of the command output. Setting it to 0 will take all available lines of the command output.
    Inline afbeelding 3
    The Perl script (or any other type of script) is triggered in the ‘Before Move/Copy/Delete’ command using the source filename (%SFN) as argument.
    Inline afbeelding 2
    Then we will use this string Var A in the file renaming option of your destination.
    Inline afbeelding 4
    The destination filename will be the output result of the script triggered in the Command option.
    Limagito Team
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