File Mover Upgrades

  • 17 Apr


    Dear Users,

    Limagito support of version X will end in December 2016 so we’ll no longer support this version in 2017. Our latest File Mover version is XI and it’s setup is 100% compatible  with previous version X. You can install both versions on the same system, just don’t use them at the same time. Both versions will use the same settings database. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the migration to XI. Version XI is available in 32 and 64bit.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team

  • 02 Jul

    LimagitoX vs LimagitoXI – a real upgrade

    People may think that LimagitoXI is like one of the many updates of LimagitoX. Let me tell you that this isn’t the case. We’ve been working on this new version for almost a year. This is a real upgrade. At the same time we’ve upgraded our development IDE to create 64 bit versions. As internet component suite we are using SecureBlackBox from “”. In LimagitoXI we’ll upgrade to SecureBlackBox v13 so we can replace the current (non Eldos) IMAP4 and FTP server components. This way we’ll no longer have to use external openSSL dll’s.

    Below a screenshot of WinMerge comparing some of our code files between X and XI.


    WinMerge comparing a single source file, the yellow parts are differences between X and XI:



    Limagito Team

  • 26 Oct

    LimagitoXI (v11) File Mover Released

    Dear users,

    LimagitoXI Filemover is available in the download section of

    The License Key of version X will not work on this new version. Corporate license holders can request their License key for version XI.

    Some things to keep in mind when upgrading to version XI.

    • Version X and XI use the same settings database. Create a backup of your settings first!
    • You don’t need to uninstall version X. Both can be installed at the same time. Version XI uses a different install folder (no need to change this).
    • Do not run version X and XI at the same time because both would interfere with each other.
    • The major change in version XI is the way it handles files that were found. The result of this change is that version X can handle the sort order of files found (sort order by date [FIFO] and name are possible).
    • 64bit version is available

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team


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