File Mover Updates

  • 29 Dec

    Pascal Script Bugfixes

    Dear Users,

    In build v2019.12.29.0 we migrated to another Fork of Pascal Script. The one we were using was giving some issues on x64. The latest bug we received from a user was a Service crash when Pascal Script was trying to do a ‘LoadFromFile(File)’ when the ‘File’ was locked by another application.

    Limagito Team

  • 26 Dec

    How do I migrate LimagitoX to another system

    Procedure to migrate your current ‘old’ installation to a ‘new’ system:

    1) On the ‘old’ system:

    • Create a backup of the Settings Directory:
      • Open the ‘Settings Directory’ of the current File Mover installation. Menu Item: Tools > Settings Dir
      • Create a backup of all files (including subdirectories) within this directory (default C:\ProgramData\LimagitoX\*.*)
      • The most important file is LimagitoX.sqlite (contains all settings)

    2) On the ‘new’ system:

    • Install the latest version (v2018 or higher)
    • Start the LimagitoX File Mover Config tool (do not start any other file mover exe yet)
      • Open the ‘Settings Directory’ using the ‘Tools > Settings Directory’ menu item of this Config tool
      • Close Config tool (important !)
      • Copy the complete backup content from the ‘old’ server into this directory (default C:\ProgramData\LimagitoX\)
      • It will ask you to overwrite some files on the new server which is ok to do. All files from the backup (= ‘old’ server) must be copied to the new server.

    3) Open the Intro.pdf file on the new server and start with the ‘First Usage’ section of this document (you can skip the first item of the First Usage section which is ‘Install the latest version’).


    Limagito Team

  • 21 Nov

    HTTP AS2 Receiver

    Dear Users,

    As you probably know, our File Mover has a built in ‘Simple’ HTTP Server. Simple because the HTTP Server was only used to serve the RunTime Log as html page in your browser and also some basic functions were available. As this was deprecated by our Web Remote Tool, the idea was to remove the HTTP Server in one of our next releases. But .. this is not going to happen. We got a request from a user (hi Rian) to add a AS2 Receiver. Since AS2 is HTTP we needed a HTTP Server.

    To use the AS2 Receiver option you first need to ‘enable’ the HTTP Server. An option to enable SSL/TLS (HTTPS) is also available.

    The AS2 settings are available in the ‘AS2 Receiver’ tab.

    • AS2 Receiver Setup
      • Url Path: default /as2handler so in this case the HTTP Server will receive posted files to http(s)://MyIPAddress/as2handler
      • Output Directory: destination directory for
        • Received AS2 message file (.as2m)
        • Decrypted data file
        • Receipt file (.as2r – optional)
      • Message Filename: Filename structure for the received AS2 message file
      • Data Filename: Filename structure for the decrypted AS2 data file

    ( %SFN = filename of included data file in AS2 message )

    • AS2 Receiver Decryption Setup

    • AS2 Receiver Verification Setup

    • AS2 Receiver Receipt Setup

    Feedback would be, as always, much appreciated. Don’t hesitate to contact us.


    Limagito Team

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