File Mover Updates

  • 21 Sep

    Limagito File Mover v9 support will end in 2014

    Dear Users,

    We’ll no longer support Limagito v9 in 2015. Our next generation File Mover called LimagitoX in it’s current status is a very good replacement for v9. Stability has even reached a higher level as v9. In the meanwhile we are working hard on our next version called LimagitoXI. LimagitoXI is based on LimagitoX and uses the same settings so it’s much easier to upgrade in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team


  • 24 Aug

    Command option, redirect output to log (v10.8.24.0)

    User request:

    I would like the console output from the command called in Limagito to be recorded in the RunTime and History Logs (database also).  I am calling a program that writes to the console text as shown in the following screen grab.  This output would be very helpful if logged with the Limagito move.

    • Command option, redirect output to log (v10.8.24.0)

    With this option you can redirect your command console output to the LimagitoX log. There will be no output available in the command console window. Please use version v10.8.24.0 or higher.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team


  • 25 May

    ZIP Destination option (v10.5.25.0)

    In version we’ve added a ZIP destination option.

    As encryption you can use the following 3 types:

    • Zip encryption (weak)
    • WinZip AES encryption
    • PKWare Strong Encryption

    The compression is also adjustable:

    • no compression
    • Deflate compression algorithm
    • Deflate64 compression algorithm (supported by PKZip version 2.50 and above)
    • bzip2 compression algorithm
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