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Windows 7 or higher

Limagito X2 Status: LimagitoX2 Current Status

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File Mover latest Version History

Version Convention

We use v12.x.y.z as version convention. For example v12.5.6.0:

  • v12 = Version X2
  • x: Product Month (1 = January, 2 = February, ..)
  • y: Product Day
  • z: Product Build

Limagito Version X2

  • PGP Signing Key, SubKey bugfix (v12.7.22.0)
  • FTP, WIN, SMTP, .. PGP Sign Encrypted File option (v12.7.16.1)
  • SFTP PGP Sign Encrypted File option (v12.7.15.0)
  • BugFix PGP option (v12.7.15.0)
  • BugFix Network Drive option (v12.7.7.0)
  • First Snapshot version (v12.6.25.0)
  • WIN Destination, Create Shortcut option (v12.6.5.1)
  • Blood, Sweat and Tears (v12.6.4.0)
  • WIN Destination, TempExtention & TempPrefix option (v12.5.19.0)
  • BugFixes (v12.5.19.0)
  • Optimization (v12.5.6.0)
  • BugFixes (v12.5.2.0)

Limagito Version XI

  • BugFix Backup Prefix option (v11.207.12.0)
  • BugFix Network Drive option (v11.207.7.0)
  • BugFix UnZip SubDir option (v11.204.30.0)
  • Added extra Pascal Script Functions on request (v11.204.5.0)
  • Added extra Pascal Script Functions on request (v11.203.12.0)
  • FTP System 550 reply workaround (v11.203.8.0)
  • Command Parameters optimization (v11.201.3.0)
  • ZipWriter Cancel & Speed issue (v11.111.3.4)
  • Bugfix Destination create Subdir option (v11.111.3.0)
  • SMTP, allow authentication option (v11.111.1.1)
  • Bugfix Append file if exists, Text files only (v11.110.12.0)
  • WIN as Source, File Type option (v11.110.11.0)
  • Google Drive as Destination option (v11.110.8.0)
  • Google Drive as Source option (v11.109.30.0)
  • Bugfix, Create subfolders when no files were found (v11.109.11.0)
  • Pascal Script, psGetValidFilename function (v11.108.31.0)
  • AWS3 as Source, enabled File Prefix Filter (v11.108.28.0)
  • Append file if exists, Text files only (v11.108.11.0)
  • Bugfix SMTP client to use current host name for the HELO/EHLO commands (v11.108.10.1)
  • Pascal Script, On Temp File (v11.108.10.0)
  • Upgrade EldoS SecureBlackbox package, SBB v15.0.294 (v11.108.7.0)
  • WIN Destination, Rename destination file if exists (v11.108.7.0)
  • WIN Destination, Sleep between Chunks option (v11.106.29.0)
  • HTTP (POST, PUT & WebForm) Destination option (v11.106.27.0)
  • AWSS3 HTTP Proxy option (v11.106.9.0)
  • Upgrade EldoS SecureBlackbox package, SBB v14.0.292 (v11.106.3.0)
  • AWSS3 Region option (v11.106.2.0)
  • WebDAV Speed Limit option (v11.105.23.0)
  • HTTP Get Speed Limit option (v11.105.23.0)
  • Precondition Ping optimization (v11.105.23.0)
  • AWSS3 Speed Limit option (v11.105.17.0)
  • Bugfix Rule Group Sort x64 (v11.105.13.0)
  • Bugfix Intelligent load balancing (v11.105.8.0)
  • Last Access/Write Date option (v11.105.6.0)
  • WebDAV as Source option (v11.105.3.0)
  • BugFix POP3 max filelength error (v11.104.18.0)
  • BugFix Pascal Script editor (v11.104.18.0)
  • Added WebDAV as Destination (v11.104.17.0)
  • AWSS3 as Destination BugFix (v11.104.6.0)
  • psChangeTxtEncoding function (v11.104.3.0)
  • File & Dir Filter GUI update (v11.103.29.0)
  • Delete, Move to Recycle Bin option (v11.103.24.0)
  • Bugfix, Deleted empty excluded subfolders (v11.103.23.0)
  • Rule Parameters, File Contents option (v11.103.20.0)
  • UNZIP, Certificate File option (v11.103.13.1)
  • ZIP optimization (v11.103.13.0)
  • BugFix when .tmp ext plus retry option enabled (v11.103.13.0)
  • FTPS, Use SSL Session Resumption (v11.102.29.0)
  • File Memory, Important BugFix (v11.102.10.0)
  • AWSS3 Destination option, Cloud Add-On (v11.102.3.0)
  • SMTP From, To, Cc & Bcc params option (v11.101.27.0)
  • HTTP Get, URLs from List & List option (v11.101.17.0)
  • HTTP as Source, FileMemory CRC & Size support (v11.101.16.0)
  • Pascal Script, psResetRTLog procedure (v11.101.15.0)
  • Absolute Date as Filedate Filter Reference (v11.101.10.0)
  • Upgrade EldoS SecureBlackbox package, SBB v14.0.286 (v11.101.1.0)
  • SSL OpenSSL 1.0.2d update (v11.101.1.0)
  • Show Rule Info in Rule Report option (v11.12.22.0)
  • Event Log, ID + CAT optimization (v11.12.12.0)
  • AWSS3 Source option, Cloud Connection Pack (v11.11.22.0)
  • Minor BugFixes (v11.11.22.0)
  • AWSS3 Source option, Beta Cloud Add-On (v11.11.15.0)
  • FTP & SFTP Log Transfer Rate (v11.10.11.0)
  • FTP TYPE A reply code (v11.10.2.0)
  • Secure Delete option (v11.10.2.0)
  • BugFix Abort Searchfiles procedure (v11.10.2.0)
  • WIN, Reset File DateTime to current DateTime (v11.9.14.0)
  • Zip to Single Destination File Option (v11.9.13.0)
  • Destination Templates Export & Import (v11.8.30.0)
  • Command, Redirect output to PS String Var A option (v11.8.27.0)
  • Parameter Replacement optimization (v11.8.27.0)
  • BugFix FTPS memleak (v11.8.25.0)
  • Update Eldos SecureBlackbox v13.0.278 (v11.8.25.0)
  • BugFix WeekOfTheYear parameter (v11.7.31.0)
  • SMTP, added %LRT:1-1: option (v11.7.28.0)
  • SFTP, Suppress Additional Operations option – work around buggy servers (
  • IMAP, SASL Auth Type option (v11.7.1.0)
  • WIN, Stabilize SubDirectory option (v11.6.29.0)
  • IMAP, TLS1.1 and TLS1.2 option (v11.6.29.0)
  • IMAP, SSL Mode option (v11.6.29.0)
  • SSL OpenSSL 1.0.2c update (v11.6.29.0)
  • Drag&Drop to Destination option (v11.6.29.0)
  • FTP(S), added UTF-8 support (v11.6.19.0)
  • FTP(S), added Virtual Hostname option (v11.6.19.0)
  • Enabled all options in Lite & Single version (v11.6.12.0)
  • SMTP, added %SFC = Source File Content parameter (v11.6.12.0)
  • SMTP, added %SFZ = Source File siZe parameter (v11.6.12.0)
  • FTP & SFTP, Bugfix Empty SubDir option (v11.6.11.0)
  • SMTP, SASL selection option (v11.6.5.0)
  • POP3, Port Knocking option (v11.6.1.0)
  • POP3, Web Tunnel (http proxy) option (v11.6.1.0)
  • POP3, Socks option (v11.6.1.0)
  • POP3, Socket options (v11.6.1.0)
  • SFTP, Port Knocking option (v11.5.31.0)
  • FTP, Port Knocking option (v11.5.31.0)
  • SMTP, Port Knocking option (v11.5.31.0)
  • SMTP, Socks option (v11.5.30.0)
  • MAIL Events, Web Tunnel (http proxy) option (v11.5.29.0)
  • SMTP, BugFix init setup (v11.5.29.0)
  • WIN, BugFix Delete Empty Folders option (v11.5.28.0)
  • SMTP, Web Tunnel (http proxy) option (v11.5.28.0)
  • FTP, Web Tunnel (http proxy) option (v11.5.25.0)
  • SFTP, Web Tunnel (http proxy) option (v11.5.25.0)
  • Common SMTP Setup optimization (v11.5.1.0)
  • SQLite speed increase (v11.4.28.0)
  • Pascal Script BugFixes (v11.4.26.0)
  • Release Candidate (v11.4.6.0)
  • Windows 7 or higher (v11.0.0.0)
  • 32 (x86) & 64 (x64) bits version (v11.0.0.0)
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