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LIMAGITO X SETUP FILES (v2017) - Latest Version

Windows 7 or higher

LimagitoX File Mover: License Type Changes


Windows 7 or higher

Limagito X2 Status: LimagitoX2 Current Status


Windows 7 or higher

Please read before download: LimagitoXI (v11) File Mover

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File Mover latest Version History

Version Convention

We use vA.B.C.D as version convention. For example v2017.10.1.0:

  • A: Product Year
  • B: Product Month (1 = January, 2 = February, ..)
  • C: Product Day
  • D: Product Build of the day (0 = first build)

Limagito X File Mover Version v2017

  • [LIST] as Source option (v2017.10.22.0)
  • Rule status icon optimization (v2017.10.8.0)
  • Command option optimization (v2017.10.8.0)
  • BugFix Scheduled Events (v2017.10.6.0)
  • Initial release based on latest X2 (v2017.10.1.0)
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