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April 20, 2024

How to export all rules to CSV with column name, source and destination

Is there a way to export all Limagito rules to CSV or Excel with the column of name, source and destination?

In a recent version of Limagito File Mover we added the following Pascal Script function to achieve this:

Function psExportRuleDataAsCSV(Const aFile, aData, aDelimiter: String): String;

aFile = Output Csv file, e.g. ‘C:\Temp\RuleList.csv’
aData = a ; seperated list of items you want to add ( When empty string we’ll use ‘1;2;3;4’ )
1 = RuleID
2 = DisplayName
3 = Source
4 = Destination
7 = Information
aDelimiter = csv delimiter used in the csv outputfile


  • Setup is easy, you’ll only need to add our ‘Pascal Script’ option as Source

limagito file mover pascal script as source

  • Do not forget to adjust the ‘ctOutputCsv’ const:
    • Please add the following script: link

limagito file mover export all rules to CSV

  • This is all you need to do, just enable and trigger the Rule now
  • Output Csv file content:

1,UNZIP Files Mike,[WIN]C:\Test\Out_Zip\,ID1[ZIP]C:\Test\Out_Zip\Out\
2,WIN > Google Cloud Storage,[WIN]C:\Test\In\,ID2[GCLOUD]
3,GCloud > WIN,[GCLOUD],ID1[WIN]C:\Test\Out\GCloud\

If you need any help with our new ‘export all rules to CSV’ feature, please let us know. If you need more fields, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Limagito Team

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