What’s Limagito File Mover?

Transfer your files from anywhere to anywhere

Limagito filemover is an all-in-one automated file mover solution handling everything from moving, deleting to copying files. It’s a powerful business automation tool that puts you firmly in control.

  • Copy, move or delete files added to a specific folder
  • Set file and/or dir filters based on name, date and size
  • Filter files based on its signature/header
  • Rename file and/or dir when moving files
  • PGP Encryption, Signing and Decryption
  • ZIP or UNZIP (Strong Encryption/Decryption possible)
  • Get Data using SQL
  • Use Pascal Script to customize your tasks
  • Limagito can be used for taking basic file backups

Free Lite Edition Available

Free Lite Edition Available

Get Limagito file mover now. Our licensing options are simple, there are 4 editions available: Lite, Single, Site and Corporate. Not convinced yet? Try out our program with the free Lite version that is available in the download section. We are  confident that you will like our software.

Powerful Admin Panel

Powerful Admin Panel

Limagito’s admin panel contains hundreds of options making it very powerful. Set filters and rename, encrypt, decrypt, move, copy or delete files with ease. This software offers so many features and is so flexible it can be used for a variety of file management tasks as well as file backups.

Latest version of our file mover

LimagitoX File Mover, our latest version

Our latest version of Limagito is now available for download. LimagitoX is our next generation file mover, this latest update contains dozens of changes and improvements to all aspects of the Limagito software. LimagtoX is available in the download section.

“Limagito File Mover software is backed up by great support”

Don't believe our word ...

Just to tell you that we have installed a new limagito server, that had moved up to FTP 2 500 000 files in a week and in one day more than a million of files. Log information are stored in SQL server database and generate about 20 million of lines. It is in use for 4 weeks, no reboot, no swap memory, no lack of memory, everything is always operational. Many thanks again and felicitations.
Jean-Marc / France
Since my company purchased Limagito program about 2 years ago, your support rep has been very supportive to help me trouble shoot, and enhance the rule set-ups, and his input has been priceless so that the work flow of my operation at my company has been very successful. Because of his excellent service, I felt very confident to bring my management on board to purchase the corporate edition today. Your program is very, very reliable, and runs 100% of time. But the service really makes your product and company distinguished. I want you to know it. Thank you.
Ethan / USA