• 19 Mar

    FTP and SFTP Batch Download Mode

    Batch Download Mode

    Q: How to limit number of files downloading from a SFTP server. We want to move thousands of files per scan but limit the number of files being processed. For example there are 5000 files to move and the batch size is set to 100. So it moves the first 100 files, processes them and downloads the next 100. This will continue until all files are downloaded.

    A: We added an option to achieve this for SFTP (v2023.3.12.0) and FTP (v2023.3.19.0) as Source.

    Batch Mode Download

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  • 16 Mar

    Azure Blob SFTP Public Key Authentication Failed

    Q: I am having some issues with getting SFTP private SSH keys to work. The same SFTP account works fine if I configure a password

    So far I have:
    Generated private key in Azure
    Used puttyGen on local system to generate keys and uploaded to Azure
    Tried both API vendor modes
    Tried different SFTP versions
    Enabled Stay Connected
    Switched to Keyboard-Interactive Last SSH auth order
    Enabled Control log

    It might be due to us using Azure Blob SFTP https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/storage/blobs/secure-file-transfer-protocol-support

    A: It can mean that our File Mover tried to use rsa-sha2-256 for the authentication, because the server indicated it supports rsa-sha2-256, but does not actually support it for the SFTP Public Key authentication.

    In version v2023.3.15.0 we added an extra option ‘Force User Authentication to Rsa-Sha1’ to achieve this. Important is to use our second API Vendor – CK.

    Force User Authentication to Rsa-sha1


    Update 30th of August 2023, in Limagito version v2023.8.30.0 there was another optimization regarding Azure SFTP server connection issues.

    SSH/SFTP: Fixed uncommon public-key authentication problems where the client and server are not agreeing on the choice of userauth key algorithm if RSA is used and the server supports the rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 host key algorithms.


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  • 06 Jun

    SFTP Connection errors 10054 (0x2746)

    Q: SFTP Connection errors 10054 (0x2746). Is there something we can look at in regards to this error?  What causes it and if we can resolve? We’ve encountered a situation twice now where a vast amount of rules appear to stop processing to 1 particular server.  The rules in web remote all turn green and stay green as if they are currently being triggered, but there is no output on the runtime log and no transfers take place. To resolve the issue we’ve restarted the Limagito server, and rule processing occurs normally again. Are we able to provide you with some logs that might help shed light on what’s occurred?

    We have 173 rules, and of the failures they seem to be with this 1 SFTP server, destination and source rules. Is there a preference in which one we use? We scan the rules every 70 seconds.

    • With our SFTP Source Code Vendor 1 (SB) the error message looks like:

    6/3/2022 9:12:57 AM SFTP Connected Error

    6/3/2022 9:12:57 AM Connect attempt 1 Exception: Connection lost due to error 10054

    6/3/2022 9:12:57 AM Connecting SFTP Server..

    6/3/2022 9:12:57 AM Cyclus [SFTPGET]

    6/3/2022 9:12:57 AM Start Source Thread

    • With our SFTP Source Code Vendor 2 (CK) the error message looks like:

    SFTP Connection Errors

    A: With 70 seconds scan time we would certainly enable the ‘Stay connected’ option (Common Tab of SFTP setup). We guess this SFTP server is no longer accepting new connections (after x time). Please also check the ‘Hint’ in the feedback when using our SFTP Source Code Vendor 2 (CK). If you trigger the rules often then some SFTP servers will find this (connects/disconnects) suspicious and will no longer allow new connections for a certain time.

    • SFTP Setup (Source or Destination), enable ‘Stay Connected’.

    SFTP Stay Connected option

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