• 09 May

    I want to save the files to a sent folder after uploading to FTP

    A: I want to save the files to a sent folder after uploading to FTP?

    We look for files from a Windows Source and then send them to a FTP site. Destination memory is enabled so files are only ever sent once.  I want to save the sent files in Windows SENT folder as once they go to the customer FTP site they move or delete the files so we also store them on our side.

    Q: This is possible. You’ll need to add two destinations:

    • Destination 1 would be the FTP server (Important, must be the first Destination)
    • Destination 2 would be the Windows SENT folder

    limagito file mover destination setup

    In the Function Setup, please enable ‘Destination Memory  & Exit cylcus on Error’. In this case only when FTP succeeds the file will go to the Windows SENT folder. If it doesn’t succeed we’ll try to send the file to the FTP destination again during the next scan.

    limagito file mover function setup

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  • 19 Mar

    FTP and SFTP Batch Download Mode

    Batch Download Mode

    Q: How to limit number of files downloading from a SFTP server. We want to move thousands of files per scan but limit the number of files being processed. For example there are 5000 files to move and the batch size is set to 100. So it moves the first 100 files, processes them and downloads the next 100. This will continue until all files are downloaded.

    A: We added an option to achieve this for SFTP (v2023.3.12.0) and FTP (v2023.3.19.0) as Source.

    Batch Mode Download

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  • 29 Jan

    Download only certain date specific files

    Q: Download only certain date specific files from FTP
    I have an ftp account that has a file for each day of the month in it. I need to download a file each day for that particular Monday – Sunday. This will go into a rename job so for example file 01162023 (for Monday, January 16, 2023) would be renamed to SLMON. File 01172023 would rename to SLTUE, 01182023 SLWED, and so on until 01222023 for SLSUN.

    So once more, I would need to set a download each night to pull a file with that dates name and have it rename. So tonight would download file 01212023 and rename it to SLSAT. Then Sunday would pull a single file for that date. Is that doable?

    A: Yes this is possible, so you would trigger it every evening and it would pick up the file for tomorrow and rename it. This will also work for other source types than FTP.

    1. Please open the File Filter Setup

    – Enable ‘Allow parameters in File Name filter’ in the Advanced Tab:

    Limagito File Mover File Filter setup

    – Set the Filename Include Filter to:

    In my example I’m looking for .pdf files but it could also be like (every type of file):

    Notice the [IncDay+1] so it looks for the next day.
    Limagito File Mover Date specific files

    2. Open the Destination setup
    Limagito File Mover WIN as Destination

    – Rename Tab > Enable Rename Files > Setup Renaming:
    Limagito File Mover Destination renaming options

    – Add the following renaming expression:

    RegEx:   (.*)\.(.*)
    Replacement:   SL%TCD:[IncDay+1]ddd:.\2

    Limagito File Mover Destination renaming setup

    – Customer: Great thanks. What would I do if I pulled it at say 1am for the same day?
    – Limagito: Remove the   [IncDay+1]   in the File Filter AND the Renaming setup

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