• 16 Feb

    How-To Get Client ID and Secret for Google Drive

    Dear Users,

    Some updated screenshot since last post: https://limagito.com/using-google-drive-client-id-secret/.

    Before you can use ‘Google Drive’ in our File Mover, you need to register a new application in the Google APIs Console.

    • When Google Drive API not enabled yet, please select “ENABLE”

    • When Google Drive API already enabled, please select “MANAGE”


    • Credentials Setup configuration, part 1

    • Credentials Setup configuration, part 2

    • Credentials Setup configuration, part 3

    • Credentials Setup configuration, part 4

    • Credentials Setup configuration, part 5

    Here you will find your Client ID and Client Secret needed for the Google Drive Setup within our File Mover.

    • Google Drive Setup LimagitoX File Mover

    If you need any help, just let us know.

    Limagito Team

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  • 04 Feb

    How-to use Gmail to send emails from LimagitoX

    Dear Users,

    We’ve added some screenhots to get you started using the GMail SMTP server.

    • Server Setup

    • Security Setup

    • We are using OAuth2 authentication so we also need to fill in this setup

    • Test email Setup (using the Rule Events)

    • Trigger email, result Successful

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team

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  • 02 Feb

    SQL Batch Move option, part 3

    Dear Users,

    In this example we are going to read records from a csv file and putting them into a SQL Server using our SQL as destination option.

    The Source setup is a Windows directory searching for *.csv file using our File Filter Setup.

    Filename include filter was added, only *.csv files.

    Added SQL as Destination.

    SQL Setup, Set ‘QRY Type’ to ‘Batch Move of Data’.

    Setup the Database Vendor information needed to connect.

    First part of the ‘Batch Move’ Setup. Default ‘Mode’ is ‘Always Insert’.

    Second part of the ‘Batch Move’ Setup. Below the content of our Demo csv file.

    We had to change the ‘Short Date and Time Format’ otherwise the automatic field analyses would not work. It uses the local regional settings of our system and this was different then the one used in the csv file.

    Third part of the ‘Batch Move’ Setup. We switched the ‘Data’ option to SQL Reader/Writer and added ‘Read and Write SQL’.

    :DOC_NO, :FILENAME, :TEXT, :ADDED are the fields found in the header of the CSV file.

    Database Demo Table Setup:

    Result after single scan:

    If you need any help or extra ‘Batch Move’ options, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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