• 30 Apr

    POP3 Indy to Eldos conversion (v10.4.30.0)

    Dear users,

    It took us some time but we finally have converterd Indy POP3 to Eldos (thank you Eldos Support Team). We’ve added some extra options to POP3 during this conversion. If you need any help or other options, please feel free to ask.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team

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  • 22 Apr

    No conversion tool between version 9 and X

    I’ll have to disappoint you. No there isn’t. There is simply too much difference between both versions (I mean in storing settings). It would take us too much time to write a migrating tool. With LimagitoX we made the decision to change everything what we thought would be better but couldn’t due to the fact we wanted to be backward compatible (Version 6 -> 9).

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  • 21 Apr

    SMTP Indy to Eldos conversion (v10.4.21.0)

    Dear users,

    In version 9 we are using an open source product called Indy http://www.indyproject.org as our main socket library. With LimagitoX we’ve made the decision to convert as much as possible to Eldos http://www.eldos.com . Their excellent SecureBlackbox solution has a lot of advantages:

    • comprehensive solution
    • maintained solution
    • supported solution
    • reliable solution

    At this moment we’ve already converted:

    • FTP(S)
    • SFTP
    • HTTP Get
    • SMTP

    Next on our to do list:

    • POP3
    • IMAP

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team

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