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    SSL Error Codes


    Copyright www.secureblackbox.com Value Possible reason and steps to take
    ERROR_SSL_TIMEOUT 73730 (0x12002)
    1. Connection is made to/from a service that doesn’t talk proper SSL (e.g. a plain HTTP connection is made to an HTTPS port). Re-check that both client and server services are talking SSL.
    2. Unsupported version of the protocol. Try to play with Versions property of the SSL component and check if any of the combination helps.
    ERROR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC 75778 (0x12802) The peers failed to negotiate a shared key material. Try connecting with different cipher suites one-by-one and check if any of them helps. If neither does, try to use a different protocol version.
    ERROR_SSL_DECODE_ERROR 75792 (0x12810)
    ERROR_SSL_DECRYPT_ERROR 75793 (0x12811)
    ERROR_SSL_RECORD_OVERFLOW 75780 (0x12804) Packet size too large. Try to decrease the maximal size of the packet by adjusting the MaxFragmentLength extension.
    ERROR_SSL_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE 75781 (0x12805) Compression or decompression failure. Switch off compression (CompressionAlgorithms property).
    ERROR_SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE 75782 (0x12806) Incompatible versions or cipher suite lists. Try to play with version and cipher suite sets. Check that the server certificate is provided and has an associated private key.
    ERROR_SSL_NO_CERTIFICATE 75783 (0x12807) The certificate provided by the peer is not valid.
    ERROR_SSL_BAD_CERTIFICATE 75784 (0x12808)
    ERROR_SSL_UNKNOWN_CA 75790 (0x1280E)
    ERROR_SSL_ACCESS_DENIED 75791 (0x1280F) The requested application-layer resource cannot be accessed by the requestor. Check with the administrator of the remote resource.
    ERROR_SSL_EXPORT_RESTRICTION 75794 (0x12812) The peer is only configured to use exportable cipher suites. Switch on support for “EXPORT” cipher suites.
    ERROR_SSL_PROTOCOL_VERSION 75795 (0x12813) The peers have not been able to negotiate a version to use (no shared protocol versions).
    ERROR_SSL_INSUFFICIENT_SECURITY 75796 (0x12814) The cipher suites mutually supported by the peers are too weak and do not provide an adequate level of security.
    ERROR_SSL_INTERNAL_ERROR 75797 (0x12815) Contact the vendor.
    ERROR_SSL_USER_CANCELED 75798 (0x12816) Application layer has shut down the connection.
    ERROR_SSL_NO_RENEGOTIATION 75799 (0x12817) One of the peers requested a renegotiation, which was refused by the other. Note that you will get this error (as a warning) if you return Allow = false from the OnRenegotiationStart event handler.
    ERROR_SSL_CLOSE_NOTIFY 75800 (0x12818) Does not indicate an error condition. The SSL connection was closed gracefully and can be restored or cloned in future.
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    FTP Error Codes


    Copyright www.secureblackbox.com Value Description
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_HANGUP 114689 (0x1C001) Some servers hang up control channels if no information is sent or received within rather short time. Hence, on large file transfers, the code which reports successful operation completion (226/250) is not sent by the server. FTPS client returns SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_HANGUP error code when the command channel hangs up, but when the session was gracefully closed by the server (i.e., file transfer was finished successfully).
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_NO_DATA 114690 (0x1C002) No data is being transferred via control channel.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_UNACCEPTED_REPLY_CODE 115713 (0x1C401) Unaccepted reply code. Such codes may be sent by servers when data connection closure was initiated on the client side.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_INVALID_REPLY 115714 (0x1C402) Invalid reply.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_LOCAL_SOURCE_NOT_FILE 116737 (0x1C801) Local source is not a file.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_LOCAL_TARGET_NOT_FILE 116738 (0x1C802) Local target is not a file.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_RESUME_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE 116739 (0x1C803) This error is fired when the it is impossible to resume data transfer (because resume offset is too large).
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_OPERATION_CRITERIA_NOT_MET 116740 (0x1C804) The criteria for the requested operation is not met.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_TIMES_NOT_SET 116741 (0x1C805) The criteria for the requested operation is not met.
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    SFTP Error Codes


    Copyright www.secureblackbox.com Value Description
    SSH_ERROR_WRONG_MODE -1 (0xFFFFFFFF) Attempt to call synchronous method in asynchronous mode and vice versa
    SSH_ERROR_OK 0 (0x0000) Indicates successful completion of the operation
    SSH_ERROR_EOF 1 (0x0001) indicates end-of-file condition;

    • Read: no more data is available in the file;
    • ReadDirectory: no more files are contained in the directory
    SSH_ERROR_NO_SUCH_FILE 2 (0x0002) A reference is made to a file which does not exist
    SSH_ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED 3 (0x0003) the authenticated user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation
    SSH_ERROR_FAILURE 4 (0x0004) An error occurred for which there is no more specific error code defined
    SSH_ERROR_BAD_MESSAGE 5 (0x0005) A badly formatted packet or protocol incompatibility is detected
    SSH_ERROR_NO_CONNECTION 6 (0x0006) A pseudo-error which indicates that the client has no connection to the server
    SSH_ERROR_CONNECTION_LOST 7 (0x0007) A pseudo-error which indicates that the connection to the server has been lost
    SSH_ERROR_OP_UNSUPPORTED 8 (0x0008) An attempt was made to perform an operation which is not supported for the server
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE 9 (0x0009) The handle value was invalid
    SSH_ERROR_NO_SUCH_PATH 10 (0x000A) The file path does not exist or is invalid
    SSH_ERROR_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS 11 (0x000B) The file already exists
    SSH_ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT 12 (0x000C) The file is on read only media, or the media is write protected
    SSH_ERROR_NO_MEDIA 13 (0x000D) The requested operation can not be completed because there is no media available in the drive
    SSH_ERROR_NO_SPACE_ON_FILESYSTEM 14 (0x000E) The requested operation cannot be completed because there is no free space on the filesystem
    SSH_ERROR_QUOTA_EXCEEDED 15 (0x000F) The operation cannot be completed because it would exceed the user’s storage quota
    SSH_ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRINCIPAL 16 (0x0010) A principal referenced by the request (either the ‘owner’,‘group’, or ‘who’ field of an ACL), was unknown
    SSH_ERROR_LOCK_CONFLICT 17 (0x0011) The file could not be opened because it is locked by another process
    SSH_ERROR_DIR_NOT_EMPTY 18 (0x0012) The directory is not empty
    SSH_ERROR_NOT_A_DIRECTORY 19 (0x0013) The specified file is not a directory
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_FILENAME 20 (0x0014) The filename is not valid
    SSH_ERROR_LINK_LOOP 21 (0x0015) Too many symbolic links encountered
    SSH_ERROR_CANNOT_DELETE 22 (0x0016) The file cannot be deleted. One possible reason is that the advisory READONLY attribute-bit is set
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER 23 (0x0017) On of the parameters was out of range, or the parameters specified cannot be used together
    SSH_ERROR_FILE_IS_A_DIRECTORY 24 (0x0018) The specified file was a directory in a context where a directory cannot be used
    SSH_ERROR_BYTE_RANGE_LOCK_CONFLICT 25 (0x0019) A read or write operation failed because another process’s mandatory byte-range lock overlaps with the request
    SSH_ERROR_BYTE_RANGE_LOCK_REFUSED 26 (0x001A) A request for a byte range lock was refused
    SSH_ERROR_DELETE_PENDING 27 (0x001B) An operation was attempted on a file for which a delete operation is pending
    SSH_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT 28 (0x001C) The file is corrupt; an filesystem integrity check should be run
    SSH_ERROR_OWNER_INVALID 29 (0x001D) The principal specified can not be assigned as an owner of a file
    SSH_ERROR_GROUP_INVALID 30 (0x001E) The principal specified can not be assigned as the primary group of a file
    SSH_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION 100 (0x0064) Sets of supported by client and server versions has no intersection
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_PACKET 101 (0x0065) Invalid packet was received
    SSH_ERROR_TUNNEL_ERROR 102 (0x0066) Error is on the SSH-protocol level. The connection is closed because of SSH error
    SSH_ERROR_CONNECTION_CLOSED 103 (0x0067) Connection is closed
    SSH_ERROR_NOT_A_TEXT_HANDLE 105 (0x0069)
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