• 25 Jul

    %LRT, RunTime Log parameter Setup

    Starting from version &

    One of the new parameters that we’ve added in LimagitoXI is called RunTime Log parameter or  %LRT. At the moment this parameter can be used in the email events.

    Some usage examples. Suppose we have a RunTime Log of 100 lines.

    • %LRT
      • The complete RunTime Log will be added to the email
    • %LRT:1-5:
      • Line 1 to 5 of the RunTime Log will be added to the email
    • %LRT:5-1:
      • Line 5 downto 1 of the RunTime Log will be added to the email
    • %LRT:0-10:
      • Line 100 downto 91 of the RunTime Log will be added to the email
    • %LRT:10-0:
      • Line 91 to 100 of the RunTime Log will be added to the email

    If you have any question about the usage, please let us know.


    Limagito Team




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  • 12 Jul

    Network Drive Setup

    “Error connecting to network resource”

    Sometimes it seems that it’s not possible to connect to a certain share using our ‘Network Drive’ option. There are somethings that you need to keep in mind. First you need to clear all existing connections and credentials to this share because often multiple connections using the same credentials are not allowed.

    In this example we want to connect our NAS01 server.


    Resulting error message:


    To solve this we need to discconect all existing connections and credentials.

    – First Disconnect all existing Network Drives in Windows


    – Secondly clear the exising credentials, with XP => Control Panel => User Accounts (depends on the OS)



    – Select the share from which we want to remove the credentials



    – Restart your system and connect again using our ‘Network Drive’ option.


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  • 02 Jul

    LimagitoX vs LimagitoXI – a real upgrade

    People may think that LimagitoXI is like one of the many updates of LimagitoX. Let me tell you that this isn’t the case. We’ve been working on this new version for almost a year. This is a real upgrade. At the same time we’ve upgraded our development IDE to create 64 bit versions. As internet component suite we are using SecureBlackBox from “Eldos.com”. In LimagitoXI we’ll upgrade to SecureBlackBox v13 so we can replace the current (non Eldos) IMAP4 and FTP server components. This way we’ll no longer have to use external openSSL dll’s.

    Below a screenshot of WinMerge comparing some of our code files between X and XI.


    WinMerge comparing a single source file, the yellow parts are differences between X and XI:



    Limagito Team