• 15 Aug

    Q&A 45: Using the Windows Remote Tool over the network

    Q: How can we use the Windows Remote Tool over the network. Can you explain me which port will need to be setup on the Client and the Server side? I didn’t find an answer on your blog side.

    A: This is possible using our IMC communication option. By default this option is disabled so we need to enable it first.

    IMC: Inter Machine Communication. Communication between different systems over the network.

    The system where the File Mover engine is running will act as a Server and is known as the Server system. On a second system, what we call a Client, you’ll have to run our File Mover installer too. You’ll only use the Windows Remote Tool exe file on this Client system. The Client system will connect to the Server system where the File Mover engine is running. You can use multiple Clients at the same time.

    Lets’ start:

    1. open our Limagito Config Tool (LimagitoXC.exe) on the system where the File Mover engine is running (= Server system).
    Switch to the ‘IMC’ Tab and ‘Enable IMC server’. Default IP is so it will use any IP which is assigned to the Host. Default Port is 10612.
    Click <Save>. It will check if the Service or Application engine is running, you need to stop this first otherwise the settings will not be saved.
    When saved, restart the File Mover engine (Service OR Application) again.
    Limagito File Mover IMC Setup
    2. On the Client system start Limagito Remote (LimagitoXR.exe) and select the IP address of the Server system where the  file mover engine is running.
    Hit <Connect>.

    Limagito File Mover IMC Login


    If you need any info about this ‘Windows Remote Tool over the network’ setup, please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Limagito Team

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  • 20 Jan

    Limagito XW Status Update – [Closed] v2018.5.20.0

    Full Web Remote Client – first release v2018.5.20.0

    Status Update Limagito XW – Web Remote Client – Update 2018.05.20 [Closed]

     Web Remote Client

    • yes Create Web Remote Service Exe
    • yes Add Login Dialog
    • – Add Help Menu –
    • yes FileMover Help
    • yes Icon Legend
    • yes About
    • – Add Tools Menu –
    • yes Options
    • yes Settings Directory
    • yes Accounts
    • yes Network Drive
    • – Add Moving Rule Menu –
    • yes Scan Setup
    • yes Execute Rule
    • yes Enable Rules
    • yes Disable Rule
    • yes Add Rule
    • yes Duplicate Rules
    • yes Delete Rule
    • yes Logging
    • yes Precondition
    • yes Rule Events
    • yes Command
    • yes Pascal Script
    • yes Rule Parameters
    • yes Advanced
    • – Add Common Menu –
    • yes Enable Scanning
    • yes Disable Scanning
    • yes Execute All Rule
    • yes Mail Setup (SMTP)
    • – Add Main Buttons –
    • yes Execute All Rules
    • yes Enable / Disable Rule
    • yes Execute Rule
    • yes Scan Setup
    • + Source Setup
    • yes WIN as Source
    • yes FTP as Source
    • yes SFTP as Source
    • yes POP3 as Source
    • yes IMAP as Source
    • yes AUTO as Source
    • yes HTTP as Source
    • yes AWSS3 as Source
    • yes WebDAV as Source
    • yes SQL as Source
    • yes Drive as Source
    • yes Edit Source
    • yes Export Source
    • yes Import Source
    • +
    • yes File Filter
    • yes Dir Filter
    • yes Memory
    • yes Backup
    • yes Function
    • + Destination Setup
    • yes WIN as Destination
    • yes FTP as Destination
    • yes SFTP as Destination
    • yes SMTP as Destination
    • yes PS as Destination
    • yes (UN)ZIP as Destination
    • yes AWSS3 as Destination
    • yes WebDAV as Destination
    • yes HTTP as Destination
    • yes Drive as Destination
    • yes Edit Destination
    • yes Delete Destination
    • yes Export Destination
    • yes Import Destination
    • yes Select Options (Up, Down, Sort, ..)
    • +
    • – Add Moving Rule List Menu –
    • yes Enable Rule(s)
    • yes Disable Rule(s)
    • yes Add Rule
    • yes Duplicate Rules
    • yes Delete Rule(s)
    • yes Enable Group
    • yes Disable Group
    • yes Hold Rule(s)
    • yes Release Rule(s)
    • yes Reset Info Status
    • yes Enable Info Status
    • yes Disable Info Status
    • yes Reset Counter
    • yes Refresh Rules
    • yes Collapse All Groups
    • yes Reconnect
    • – Other –
    • yes Add RunTime Log Tab
    • yes Add Rule Report Tab
    • yes Add Rule Info Tab
    • yes Add Find Rule
    • yes Add Counter
    • yes Add Reset Counter
    • yes Add Source Progress Bar
    • yes Add Destination Progress Bar
    • yes Remote Functions & Procedures (ongoing)


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  • 07 Jan

    How-To Install Web Remote Client, LimagitoXW

    Dear users,

    Today we release the fist installer containing the initial release of our Web Remote Client (v2018.1.7.0).

    When stepping through the setup you’ll get the option to install the Web Remote Client. This will add the Web Remote Service (LimagitoXW.exe) to the install directory and will install the FMSoft uniGUI RunTime Framework. This framework will be used by the Web Remote Service.

    After installation you can install and start the Web Remote Service using our Config tool (LimagitoXC.exe).

    • Select the Web Remote Tab
    • Default port is 8077
    • Click <Install>
    • Click <Start>

    • Be sure that the File Mover application or Service is running.
    • Open your browser at (= default) or click on the link.

    • Ready to play 🙂

    We’ll continue to add the different existing options to this new Web Remote Client.


    Limagito Team

    By Limagito-Team Remote Tool ,
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