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    Sharing destination file names between destinations

    Q: Sharing destination file names between destinations. When a rule has two destinations, and the first destination renames the file, is there a way to get that destination file name as a replacement parameter in the next destination? Specifically, I have a rule that uses a chain of 70+ regex rules to rename the file to a Win destination (ID1), and I want to pass the destination file name to an HTTP WebForm in the next destination (ID2). I’d rather do the rename once and reference the results in later destinations, than have to build all those rename rules again.

    A: We added a new option in version v2021.12.18.0 to achieve this.

    Renaming, Added Renamed Var %RFN, %RFP, .. (v2021.12.18.0) [+]

    %RFN = Renamed File Name
    %RFW = Renamed file name Without extension
    %RFD = Renamed File Dir
    %RFP = Renamed File Path

    It should be used with multiple Destinations.

    We added some screenshots to get you started. In our example we added two WIN Destinations.

    Limagito File Mover Multiple Destinations

    The file renaming of the First Destination in our example:

    Limagito File Mover File renaming

    A simple renaming example where we add ‘Prefix-‘ to the filename:

    Limagito File Mover RegEx renaming

    So after the first Destination the %RFN var will containe the renaming result of the First Destination. This %RFN var can now be used as replacement paramater in the remaining Destinations.

    As a test we added the following renaming setup in the Second Destination. We replace the original filename with the content of %RFN var. You can also use the %RFN var as replacement parameter in other options the remaining Destinations.

    Limagito File Mover RegEx Renaming

    RunTime Log Result:

    Limagito File Mover RunTime log result


    If you need any info about this ‘file names between destinations’ question, please let us know.

    Best regards,

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  • 07 Oct

    How-To Silent Install Limagito File Mover

    We are using Inno Setup as installer. Inno Setup is a powerful installer and has quite some optional command line parameters. Recently a customer had an issue trying to achieve a silent install. We fixed this in the installer starting from v2021.10.6.0

    Some examples, be sure the command is run elevated (As Administrator). We have dowloaded the 64bit installer in “C:\Test\Setup\”.

    Example of a silent install including our Web Remote option (one long line of command parameters):


    Example of a silent install excluding our Web Remote option (one long line of command parameters):




    If you need any info about this ‘silent install’ option, please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Limagito Team

  • 24 May

    How-To Global Schedules within LimagitoX File Mover

    On general request we added Global Schedules in version v2020.5.25.0

    LimagitoX GlobalSchedules menu

    Below is a screenshot of the current setup form. Here you will be able to:

    • Add and Delete schedules
    • Enable / Disable the schedule
    • Add schedule name
    • Setup the Scheduler
    • Add schedule description
    • Select the Rules you want to trigger with this schedule


    Scheduler Setup form:


    The RunTime shows information about which Global Schedule triggered the Rule.


    Our goal is to release this new option before the end of May 2020.

    Released in v2020.5.25.0. In this first release, setup of the Schedules can only be done using LimagitoXR (Remote Tool for Windows).

    In version v2020.5.29.0 we added Global Schedules Setup in LimagitoXW (Web Remote Tool).

    If you need info about this new option, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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