• 09 May

    I want to save the files to a sent folder after uploading to FTP

    A: I want to save the files to a sent folder after uploading to FTP?

    We look for files from a Windows Source and then send them to a FTP site. Destination memory is enabled so files are only ever sent once.  I want to save the sent files in Windows SENT folder as once they go to the customer FTP site they move or delete the files so we also store them on our side.

    Q: This is possible. You’ll need to add two destinations:

    • Destination 1 would be the FTP server (Important, must be the first Destination)
    • Destination 2 would be the Windows SENT folder

    limagito file mover destination setup

    In the Function Setup, please enable ‘Destination Memory  & Exit cylcus on Error’. In this case only when FTP succeeds the file will go to the Windows SENT folder. If it doesn’t succeed we’ll try to send the file to the FTP destination again during the next scan.

    limagito file mover function setup

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  • 12 Jun

    Verify integrity of ftp file transfers

    Verify integrity of ftp file transfers

    With FTP you can use a couple of ‘Non-standard‘ Commands to verify the integrity of a file transfer (download & upload):

    • XCRC
    • XMD5
    • XSHA1, XSHA256, XSHA512

    In version v2022.6.12.0 of Limagito File Mover we added support for these Commands to:

    • Built-In FTP Server
    • FTP as Source
    • FTP as Destination

    Not all FTP servers support this ‘Non-Standard’ command. You can check this using the ‘Support’ tab in your FTP Destination setup (v2022.6.12.0). Click ‘Connect’ and check if File Verification is supported by the FTP server. In this screenshot we are connected to the Limagito FTP Server.

    Limagito File Moverr Verify integrity of ftp

    If your FTP server supports File Verification then you can enable this in the FTP Source or Destination setup (Verify Tab > Verify File after Copy/Move).  If your FTP Server does not support File Verification and you need this then maybe you can use: link.

    Limagito FTP Verify option

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  • 02 Sep

    Second FTP Vendor option was added in LimagitoX File Mover

    A second FTP vendor was added in LimagitoX File Mover version v2020.9.2.0. This second FTP vendor is also based in the USA and has a long history with providing API’s for many internet protocols. The reason we did this is because there are quite some different FTP servers out there and it seems we couldn’t cover them all. With a second vendor we try to minimize this. The second FTP vendor supports TLS1.3 (Security Tab – Select ‘Automatically TLS’).

    Switching can be done on the fly. Default is still the original vendor (Vendor 1 – SB) which we are using for quite some time now. This new option is available under the ‘Setup’ tab of your FTP setup. Feedback experience about using the new vendor would be much appreciated.

    LimagitoX File Mover FTP Second Vendor

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