• 12 May

    FTP 425 Error: Unable to build data connection in LimagitoX File Mover

    Q: I’m getting the following FTP 425 Error: Unable to build data connection when trying to connect to a FTPS server.

    A: Please enable ‘Use SSL Session Resumtion’. This ensures a re-use of the SSL session which is a must for certain FTPS servers.


    If you need help, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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  • 12 Jan

    Gene6 FTP Server, Unaccepted server reply code 501

    We received  a 501 error message from a customer who was trying to connect to a Gene6 FTP Server:

    The solution was to add the following “Send Command(s) after connect:

    CLNT www.yourcompany.com

    CLNT command: Short for CLieNT = client identification to the FTP server


    If you need any help, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

  • 04 Jun

    FTP Error Codes


    Copyright www.secureblackbox.comValueDescription
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_HANGUP114689 (0x1C001)Some servers hang up control channels if no information is sent or received within rather short time. Hence, on large file transfers, the code which reports successful operation completion (226/250) is not sent by the server. FTPS client returns SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_HANGUP error code when the command channel hangs up, but when the session was gracefully closed by the server (i.e., file transfer was finished successfully).
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_NO_DATA114690 (0x1C002)No data is being transferred via control channel.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_UNACCEPTED_REPLY_CODE115713 (0x1C401)Unaccepted reply code. Such codes may be sent by servers when data connection closure was initiated on the client side.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_INVALID_REPLY115714 (0x1C402)Invalid reply.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_LOCAL_SOURCE_NOT_FILE116737 (0x1C801)Local source is not a file.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_LOCAL_TARGET_NOT_FILE116738 (0x1C802)Local target is not a file.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_RESUME_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE116739 (0x1C803)This error is fired when the it is impossible to resume data transfer (because resume offset is too large).
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_OPERATION_CRITERIA_NOT_MET116740 (0x1C804)The criteria for the requested operation is not met.
    SB_FTPS_ERROR_TIMES_NOT_SET116741 (0x1C805)The criteria for the requested operation is not met.
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