Limagito Filemover News

  • 15 Apr

    Icon Legend

    Dear Users,

    We often get questions about the color of a certain icon in the Rule list. The following icon legend is available under the Help menu item.

    Mostly users ask about the orange color. The icon turns orange when an error occurs. You can reset this status with a right click on the Rule and click ‘Reset Info Status’. To disable this this behaviour, right click on the Rule ans select ‘Disable Info Status’.


    Limagito Team

  • 07 Apr

    Backup Settings DB Scheduler

    Dear Users,


    On request we’ve added an option to automatically backup the settings of our file mover using a schedule. All settings are stored in a SQLite Database and the most important one is ‘LimagitoX.sqlite’. It’s very important not to lock this file because this could interfere the File Mover operation. Please do not copy this file yourself because of the lock risk, always use the new scheduler option.

    Tools > Options > Database Tab

    Setup the Schedule

    The backup of the settings will be stored in the ‘Bak’ subfolder of the File Mover settings folder:


    Optionally you could create an extra Moving rule to copy/move these files to your storage server.


    Limagito Team

  • 29 Dec

    You are going to use our File Mover as Application

    1. Install the latest version (v2018 or higher)
    2. Start the LimagitoX File Mover Config tool
      • Import the new License using the <Import> function (License File tab of the Config tool)
      • Close Config tool
    3. Start LimagitoX File Mover Application
      • You’ll notice that the Application has a basic GUI.
      • This Application is the ‘Engine’ and should always run. It will be doing all the file transfers.
      • There is an option to let it run minimized in the System Tray.
    4. Start LimagitoX File Mover Remote tool
      • Select destination: ‘LimagitoX Application’
      • Click <Connect> and <OK>
    5. You are now remotely connected to the File Mover Application.
      • All Setup is done using this Remote tool
      • You can close the Remote tool when you are finished (it does not need to run)
    6. Done
    7. Optional: Our Web Remote Service can be installed to fully control the File Mover Application using your browser. Please check the ‘Installation.pdf’ to install the Web Remote Service.
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