• 12 Nov

    SFTP (SSH) Authentication Types


  • 04 Jun

    SSH Tunnel Error Codes

    Copyright Value Description
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_FORWARD_DISALLOWED 1 (0x0001) Forwarding is unallowable
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_SERVER_ERROR 2 (0x0002) Tunnel opening is rejected
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_ADMINISTRATIVELY_PROHIBITED 1 (0x0001) Forwarding is unallowable
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_CONNECT_FAILED 2 (0x0002) Tunnel opening is rejected
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CHANNEL_TYPE 3 (0x0003) Type of requested tunnel is unknown
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_RESOURCE_SHORTAGE 4 (0x0004) Resource became unavailable while trying to connect
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_ALREADY_CONNECTED 700 (0x02BC) Tunnel is already opened
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_NOT_BOUND_TO_SSH_CLASS 701 (0x02BD) Tunnel is not bound to SSH-class (via TElSSHTunnelList object)
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_SSH_NOT_CONNECTED 702 (0x02BE) Attempt to open tunnel while SSH-connection is not established
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_BY_SSH_VERSION 703 (0x02BF) Tunnel is not supported by SSH-version (for example SFTPv1)
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_ACTION 704 (0x02C0) Attempt to perform unsupported action
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_OPEN_FAILED 705 (0x02C1) Tunnel opening failed
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  • 04 Jun

    SSH Key Error Codes

    Copyright Value Description
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INVALID_PUBLIC_KEY 3329 (0x0D01) Public key is invalid
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INVALID_PRIVATE_KEY 3330 (0x0D02) Private key is invalid
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_FILE_READ_ERROR 3331 (0x0D03) Error of reading from file
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_FILE_WRITE_ERROR 3332 (0x0D04) Error of writing to file
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_UNSUPPORTED_ALGORITHM 3333 (0x0D05) Algorithm is unsupported
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INTERNAL_ERROR 3334 (0x0D06) Internal error
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL 3335 (0x0D07) Buffer is too small
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_NO_PRIVATE_KEY 3336 (0x0D08) There is no private key
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INVALID_PASSPHRASE 3337 (0x0D09) Wrong password for private key
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_UNSUPPORTED_PEM_ALGORITHM 3338 (0x0D0A) PEM algorithm is unsupported
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