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June 22, 2015

Asking for new Limagito file mover features

June 22 2015

I asked one of my customers (thank you Chris) if he had some ideas for new features. The result .. four really nice ideas.

First – being able to create destinations that you can pick when you are setting-up jobs would be helpful.  Primarily, FTP, SFTP, FTPS. For instance if I want to have 5 separate jobs that need the same FTP information and credentials.  I would like to be able to save connection information to use it when creating the FTP, SFTP, destination. 

Second – We have occasions to copy a file or files to a directory on a whole set of servers.  It would be helpful if we could move one or multiple files to a directory on several servers in one job.  Maybe by subnet, picking from a list in the network neighborhood, or similar.  Also, if you could run this copy job under a “Run As” so you can use the proper security context.

Third – If the application could generate and email a daily report of all files that moved in every 24 hours (or configurable period) and send it to a list or alias, that would be good.  More and more companies want to audit all file movements, so this would help with that.

Fourth – Not having to stop and start the service after changes would be very helpful.

So if you also have a feature request then please don’t hesitate. Let us know. If it’s possible then we’ll try to add it.



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