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February 20, 2023

Cannot get SharePoint Online Authentication (SPOIDCRL) to Work

Q: SharePoint Online Authentication problem. Hello Team, I am attempting to use a SharePoint directory as a source but am not able to make it past this.

SharePoint Online Authentication

I have tried a couple different variations, tried installing the latest Limagito version on a test machine but I get the same error message. Part of the error message says this:



I tried logging in via a web browser but do not have that option. Thanks,

A: Could you please check: SharePoint Online web site does not support SharePoint Online credentials

I changed one of the settings based on that article (the other one was already set to what he recommended. I am going to let the setting propagate as they can take a few hours sometimes.

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If you need any info about this ‘SharePoint Online Authentication’ error, please let us know.

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