• 20 Mar

    Rule Parameters – File Contents Option

    In version v11.103.20.0 we’ve added the File Contents option. With this option you can load the contents of a ‘text’ file and put this into a user parameter (%FCA – %FCE). This parameter can be used throughout the application.  You can choose how often you want te reload the contents of this file

    • On Application Startup
    • On Rule Begin
    • On Destination

    You can also use replacement parameters in the setup of the Filename you want to load.


    Secondly we’ve added a File Contents Filter option (File Filter Setup Form). So this way you can include/exclude files that exists in the File Contents of an external file. The contents of this external file will decide if a file will be picked up or not by our File Mover.



    Limagito Team

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  • 10 Jan

    Using an absolute date in the Filedate Filter

    Wondering if there is a way to only move files newer than a particular date. I see that I can include or exclude files older than a specific number of days or hours (which are *relative* times), but nothing with specific date/time (*absolute* times).

    We got the following question from  a long time user. We added this option in ‘v11.101.11.0’. This will compare the FileDate with an absolute Date. Option is added in the Include and Exclude Filedate filter. Set the ‘File Date Filter Reference’ to ‘Date Absolute’ to enable this option.



    Limagito Team

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