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February 16, 2024

How to use parameters within the regex rename option

How to use parameters within the regex rename option

Q:  have a case where I’m getting several files from a folder. I’m getting the following files with my filter:



Where 20240212 represents the date. I’m wanting the files output it to so they are consecutive pages on the same day:



In my file rename in the destination, I know that I could do something like (20240212)_([A-Z]\d+).pdf in the regex so I can accurately match the file, but it would be really cool if I could use (%TCD:mmddyyyy)_([A-Z]\d+).pdf with the parameter being used as a literal to match on, but I know Limagito is not setup to do that. This is more of a feature request as it would make it really useful.

Thanks for all you guys do!

A: We added a new option in v2024.2.16.0 to allow this. This is an advanced option, so it is a bit ‘hidden’.

  • Schedule button > Advanced Tab > “Allow Params In RegEx Renaming”:

parameters within the regex rename option

  • File rename example using parameters within the RegEx field:

limagito file mover file renaming using regex

If you need any help with this ‘parameters within the regex rename option’ question, please let us know.

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