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November 29, 2020

Q&A 32: Error during sftp file upload with Limagito File Mover

Q: We have installed Limagito version v2020.11.21.0 with the Site+ license on a W2K19 server. When we try to transfer files to an external sftp server it doesn’t work out fine (Error during sftp file upload). The SSH connection seems fine to me , but the files won’t be uploaded. Unfortunately the other side can’t help me out and I can’t find out what is happening and why.

25-11-2020 19:39:31 [SFTP] SFTPUploadFile, CK UploadFileByName Error, ChilkatLog:
[SFTP]   UploadFileByName:
[SFTP]     DllDate: Jul  2 2020
[SFTP]     ChilkatVersion:
[SFTP]     UnlockPrefix: CPSFTB.CB1062022
[SFTP]     Architecture: Little Endian; 64-bit
[SFTP]     Language: Delphi DLL
[SFTP]     VerboseLogging: 0
[SFTP]     SshVersion: SSH-2.0-XpertSuite
[SFTP]     SftpVersion: 4
[SFTP]     Component successfully unlocked using purchased unlock code.
[SFTP]     uploadFileByName:
[SFTP]       remoteFilePath: /XX/XX_2020-11-24_08-00-00-werknemers.xml
[SFTP]       localFilePath: \\MyDomain\proces\XX_2020-11-24_08-00-00-werknemers.xml
[SFTP]       localFileSize: 4485
[SFTP]       sftpOpenFile:
[SFTP]         remotePath: /XX/XX_2020-11-24_08-00-00-werknemers.xml
[SFTP]         access: writeOnly
[SFTP]         createDisposition: createTruncate
[SFTP]         v3Flags: 0x1a
[SFTP]         buildLongPath_xFilePath: \\MyDomain\proces\XX_2020-11-24_08-00-00-werknemers.xml
[SFTP]         Sent FXP_OPEN
[SFTP]         StatusResponseFromServer:
[SFTP]           Request: FXP_OPEN
[SFTP]           InformationReceivedFromServer:
[SFTP]             StatusCode: 5
[SFTP]             StatusMessage: Error while parsing request.
[SFTP]           --InformationReceivedFromServer
[SFTP]         --StatusResponseFromServer
[SFTP]       --sftpOpenFile
[SFTP]       Failed to open file.
[SFTP]     --uploadFileByName
[SFTP]     Failed.
[SFTP]   --UploadFileByName
[SFTP] --ChilkatLog
25-11-2020 19:39:31 [SFTPPUT] Copy Error \\MyDomain\proces\XX_2020-11-24_08-00-00-werknemers.xml

A: It’s look like the SFTP server is trying to use SFTP Version v4 but .. not correctly. The solution here is to only allow SFTP Version v3.

FYI: The customer is using our Second SFTP Vendor (CK).

Limagito File Mover SFTP v3 Only

Feedback from customer:

Great !! that did the trick. J J J

Thanks for your support  !!!


If you need any help with this ‘Error during sftp file upload’, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Limagito Team

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