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    SFTP Error Codes


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    SSH_ERROR_WRONG_MODE-1 (0xFFFFFFFF)Attempt to call synchronous method in asynchronous mode and vice versa
    SSH_ERROR_OK0 (0x0000)Indicates successful completion of the operation
    SSH_ERROR_EOF1 (0x0001)indicates end-of-file condition;

    • Read: no more data is available in the file;
    • ReadDirectory: no more files are contained in the directory
    SSH_ERROR_NO_SUCH_FILE2 (0x0002)A reference is made to a file which does not exist
    SSH_ERROR_PERMISSION_DENIED3 (0x0003)the authenticated user does not have sufficient permissions to perform the operation
    SSH_ERROR_FAILURE4 (0x0004)An error occurred for which there is no more specific error code defined
    SSH_ERROR_BAD_MESSAGE5 (0x0005)A badly formatted packet or protocol incompatibility is detected
    SSH_ERROR_NO_CONNECTION6 (0x0006)A pseudo-error which indicates that the client has no connection to the server
    SSH_ERROR_CONNECTION_LOST7 (0x0007)A pseudo-error which indicates that the connection to the server has been lost
    SSH_ERROR_OP_UNSUPPORTED8 (0x0008)An attempt was made to perform an operation which is not supported for the server
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE9 (0x0009)The handle value was invalid
    SSH_ERROR_NO_SUCH_PATH10 (0x000A)The file path does not exist or is invalid
    SSH_ERROR_FILE_ALREADY_EXISTS11 (0x000B)The file already exists
    SSH_ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT12 (0x000C)The file is on read only media, or the media is write protected
    SSH_ERROR_NO_MEDIA13 (0x000D)The requested operation can not be completed because there is no media available in the drive
    SSH_ERROR_NO_SPACE_ON_FILESYSTEM14 (0x000E)The requested operation cannot be completed because there is no free space on the filesystem
    SSH_ERROR_QUOTA_EXCEEDED15 (0x000F)The operation cannot be completed because it would exceed the user’s storage quota
    SSH_ERROR_UNKNOWN_PRINCIPAL16 (0x0010)A principal referenced by the request (either the ‘owner’,‘group’, or ‘who’ field of an ACL), was unknown
    SSH_ERROR_LOCK_CONFLICT17 (0x0011)The file could not be opened because it is locked by another process
    SSH_ERROR_DIR_NOT_EMPTY18 (0x0012)The directory is not empty
    SSH_ERROR_NOT_A_DIRECTORY19 (0x0013)The specified file is not a directory
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_FILENAME20 (0x0014)The filename is not valid
    SSH_ERROR_LINK_LOOP21 (0x0015)Too many symbolic links encountered
    SSH_ERROR_CANNOT_DELETE22 (0x0016)The file cannot be deleted. One possible reason is that the advisory READONLY attribute-bit is set
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER23 (0x0017)On of the parameters was out of range, or the parameters specified cannot be used together
    SSH_ERROR_FILE_IS_A_DIRECTORY24 (0x0018)The specified file was a directory in a context where a directory cannot be used
    SSH_ERROR_BYTE_RANGE_LOCK_CONFLICT25 (0x0019)A read or write operation failed because another process’s mandatory byte-range lock overlaps with the request
    SSH_ERROR_BYTE_RANGE_LOCK_REFUSED26 (0x001A)A request for a byte range lock was refused
    SSH_ERROR_DELETE_PENDING27 (0x001B)An operation was attempted on a file for which a delete operation is pending
    SSH_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPT28 (0x001C)The file is corrupt; an filesystem integrity check should be run
    SSH_ERROR_OWNER_INVALID29 (0x001D)The principal specified can not be assigned as an owner of a file
    SSH_ERROR_GROUP_INVALID30 (0x001E)The principal specified can not be assigned as the primary group of a file
    SSH_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_VERSION100 (0x0064)Sets of supported by client and server versions has no intersection
    SSH_ERROR_INVALID_PACKET101 (0x0065)Invalid packet was received
    SSH_ERROR_TUNNEL_ERROR102 (0x0066)Error is on the SSH-protocol level. The connection is closed because of SSH error
    SSH_ERROR_CONNECTION_CLOSED103 (0x0067)Connection is closed
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    SSH Tunnel Error Codes


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    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_FORWARD_DISALLOWED1 (0x0001)Forwarding is unallowable
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_SERVER_ERROR2 (0x0002)Tunnel opening is rejected
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_ADMINISTRATIVELY_PROHIBITED1 (0x0001)Forwarding is unallowable
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_CONNECT_FAILED2 (0x0002)Tunnel opening is rejected
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_UNKNOWN_CHANNEL_TYPE3 (0x0003)Type of requested tunnel is unknown
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_RESOURCE_SHORTAGE4 (0x0004)Resource became unavailable while trying to connect
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_ALREADY_CONNECTED700 (0x02BC)Tunnel is already opened
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_NOT_BOUND_TO_SSH_CLASS701 (0x02BD)Tunnel is not bound to SSH-class (via TElSSHTunnelList object)
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_SSH_NOT_CONNECTED702 (0x02BE)Attempt to open tunnel while SSH-connection is not established
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_BY_SSH_VERSION703 (0x02BF)Tunnel is not supported by SSH-version (for example SFTPv1)
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED_ACTION704 (0x02C0)Attempt to perform unsupported action
    SSH_TUNNEL_ERROR_OPEN_FAILED705 (0x02C1)Tunnel opening failed
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    SSH Key Error Codes


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    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INVALID_PUBLIC_KEY3329 (0x0D01)Public key is invalid
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INVALID_PRIVATE_KEY3330 (0x0D02)Private key is invalid
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_FILE_READ_ERROR3331 (0x0D03)Error of reading from file
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_FILE_WRITE_ERROR3332 (0x0D04)Error of writing to file
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_UNSUPPORTED_ALGORITHM3333 (0x0D05)Algorithm is unsupported
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INTERNAL_ERROR3334 (0x0D06)Internal error
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_BUFFER_TOO_SMALL3335 (0x0D07)Buffer is too small
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_NO_PRIVATE_KEY3336 (0x0D08)There is no private key
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_INVALID_PASSPHRASE3337 (0x0D09)Wrong password for private key
    SB_ERROR_SSH_KEYS_UNSUPPORTED_PEM_ALGORITHM3338 (0x0D0A)PEM algorithm is unsupported
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