• 25 Dec

    File Transfer Management is easy

    File Transfer Management is easy, .. no it isn’t. If somebody tells you it is .. he is lying 🙂

    The following information is just our opinion and you certainly don’t have to agree. We’ll keep adding tips here, feel welcome to add your tips also.

    • Logging
      • Never ever log over the network
        • Ok but .. no, never
      • Always log to a local disk
      • Add a Rule to move older logs if you want to keep them
    • Moving files between processes
      • Let those processes write to a local disk of the system where they are running
      • We prefer SFTP or FTP(S) over Windows shares
        • SFTP and FTP(S) folders are not so visible
        • SFTP and FTP(S) are ‘File Transfer Protocols’
        • No need for network mappings
        • No network mapping issues
        • Security of Windows shares
          • Often set to ‘Everyone Full Control’
        • We prefer SFTP or  FTP(S) Get from a previous process
    • ..


    If you need any info about this ‘File Transfer Management is easy’ post, please let us know.

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