• 20 Jan

    Using HTTP Server RunTime Log option as Interface

    Dear Users,

    On request we expanded the built in HTTP server to except some extra parameters of the log URL (i.e. )

    • Before we go further, please check if the HTTP Server is Enabled (Menu item: Server\HTTP Server)

    • Also the RunTime Log option must be enabled to use these extra parameters

    What parameters were already available:

    • ruleid
      • Show the RunTime Log of RuleID 4
    • exe
      • Execute RuleID4

    Since v2019.1.20.0 we’ve added the following extra parameters:

    • status
      • Get the Status of RuleID 4 as HTML Status Code
      • We are using unassigned Status codes as Rule Status (RFC7231: 227-299 Unassigned)
        • 250 = Hold Mode
        • 251 = Move Enabled
        • 252 = Copy Enabled
        • 253 = Delete Enabled
        • 254 = Move enabled, Check RunTime Log
        • 255 = Copy enabled, Check RunTime Log
        • 256 = Delete enabled, Check RunTime Log
        • 257 = Move Disabled
        • 258 = Copy Disabled
        • 259 = Delete Disabled
        • 261 = Move Running
        • 262 = Copy Running
        • 263 = Delete Running
        • 264 = Move Terminating
        • 265 = Copy Terminating
        • 266 = Delete Terminating
        • 270 = Scanning Disabled
    • report
      • Get the Report of RuleID 4

    Quite some customers use a command line tool called curl to execute a rule from an external application. This command line tool (curl) uses the built in HTTP server options/parameters we explained before.

    Some examples:

    • Execute RuleID4 using curl
      • curl
    • Get Status Code of RuleID as HTML Status Code using curl
      • curl -sL -w “%{http_code}” -I “” -o /dev/null
    • Get Report of RuleID 4 in your browser

    Please let us know if you have any questions about these new parameters. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Limagito Team

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  • 29 Oct

    HTTP Destination – OAuth2

    Started adding OAuth2 Authorization for HTTP as destination.


    Limagito Team

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  • 17 Jan

    Some new HTTP as Source options

    Dear Users,

    Another request from a user to add an easy way to download files using HTTP. We’ve added a second setup method in the HTTP as Source option.

    Suppose we would like to download the setup file of our LimagitoX file mover. With the previous method 1 we had to setup the Host, Port and Path and needed to include a file filter to be sure that only this files was downloaded. A bit complex .. so that’s why we added an extra method.


    When Setup method 2 is selected you get two new ways to dowload files directly. The include filename filter is no longer needed.

    A. Add the URLs as a list (fixed).

    B. Read the URLs from a text file (dynamically).

    In case of B our File Mover will read the URLs from the text file on every Rule Start.


    Limagito Team

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