• 02 Feb

    SQL Batch Move option, part 3

    In this example we are going to read records from a csv file and putting them into a SQL Server using our SQL as destination option.

    The Source setup is a Windows directory searching for *.csv file using our File Filter Setup.

    Filename include filter was added, only *.csv files.

    Added SQL as Destination.

    SQL Setup, Set ‘QRY Type’ to ‘Batch Move of Data’.

    Setup the Database Vendor information needed to connect.

    First part of the ‘Batch Move’ Setup. Default ‘Mode’ is ‘Always Insert’.

    Second part of the ‘Batch Move’ Setup. Below the content of our Demo csv file.

    We had to change the ‘Short Date and Time Format’ otherwise the automatic field analyses would not work. It uses the local regional settings of our system and this was different then the one used in the csv file.

    Third part of the ‘Batch Move’ Setup. We switched the ‘Data’ option to SQL Reader/Writer and added ‘Read and Write SQL’.

    :DOC_NO, :FILENAME, :TEXT, :ADDED are the fields found in the header of the CSV file.

    Database Demo Table Setup:

    Result after single scan:

    If you need any help, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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  • 18 Aug

    SQL Batch Move option, part 2

    Dear Users,

    Export and Import of Database data with LimagitoX Transfer Tool

    In version v2019.8.18.0 e added quite some features to the new Batch Move option (more ideas always welcome). We’ve added some screenshots to this post.

    Selection of the new Batch Move option is the SQL as Source / Destination setup.

    Selection and setup of the Database we’ll use during the export or import of the DB data.

    Select of the Mode we’ll use during the import of the data into the database (SQL as Destination).

    Setup of the database export to text options (SQL as Source). In this case DB data will be exported to a txt file (csv).

    Select where we’ll get the data from (SQL as Source option) or insert to (SQL as Destination option).

    You can choose between a table name or use SQL.

    If you have any questions about the new features, please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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  • 17 Aug

    SQL Batch Move option

    Dear Users

    On our todo list, for this new SQL destination, is to add a ‘Batch Move’ option. This option will handle a csv text data file and will insert the data content to a database.

    In version v2019.8.17.0 a first relase of this ‘Batch Move’ option was added to SQL as Source and Destination. It is the first release so many features still need to be added to this option.

    At the moment:

    SQL as Source: Batch Move will get the data from the selected database and will output this to csv file. We  automatically recognize the data source format but also will add an options later for a manual setup.

    SQL as Destination: Batch Move will take the data from the source (csv) file and will insert this data into the Database.

    You can choose between SQLite, Microsoft SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL and MariaDB as Database. Don’t forget to set the Table Name in the Batch Move tab.


    Feedback would be much appreciated.

    Limagito Team

    By Limagito-Team SQL ,
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