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  • 17 Apr


    EOL LimagitoX

    Dear Users,

    Limagito support of version X will end in December 2016 so we’ll no longer support this version in 2017. Our latest File Mover version is XI and it’s setup is 100% compatible  with previous version X. You can install both versions on the same system, just don’t use them at the same time. Both versions will use the same settings database. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about the migration to XI. Version XI is available in 32 and 64bit.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team

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  • 17 Apr

    WebDAV as Destination

    In version v11.104.17.0 we’ve added WebDAV as Destination. The WebDAV Destination is part of the +Plus Option Pack but can be tested freely in our Free Lite version. We would really appreciate your feedback (extra options needed or bugs or ..) about this option. Next we’ll (try to) add WebDAV as Source.

    We’re using the WebDAVBlackbox  package from Eldos to achieve this. EldoS Corporation is an international company that specializes in development of security-related software components for corporate market and individual software developers.

    WebDAV Setup

    Main Screen


    Common Screen



    Limagito Team

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  • 20 Mar

    Rule Parameters – File Contents Option

    In version v11.103.20.0 we’ve added the File Contents option. With this option you can load the contents of a ‘text’ file and put this into a user parameter (%FCA – %FCE). This parameter can be used throughout the application.  You can choose how often you want te reload the contents of this file

    • On Application Startup
    • On Rule Begin
    • On Destination

    You can also use replacement parameters in the setup of the Filename you want to load.


    Secondly we’ve added a File Contents Filter option (File Filter Setup Form). So this way you can include/exclude files that exists in the File Contents of an external file. The contents of this external file will decide if a file will be picked up or not by our File Mover.



    Limagito Team

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