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  • 30 Oct

    Remote Client, Proof of concept

    We’ve finally decided to create a ‘full’ remote client for our FileMover. This means that we’ll spend a lot of time the coming months solely to add this feature. Believe me, we’ve tried lots of options available on the ‘code’ market. Lost a lot of coding hours too. The first remote client will be a native windows client (32 and 64 bit). It will use IPC (Inter Process Communication using Named Pipes) to connect to the FileMover Application or Service. We’ll start with a very basic version and will keep adding options that are already available in the FileMove Application GUI. The second version will use IMC (Inter Machine Communication using TCP/IP) so you’ll be able to use this remote client over your network.

    Proof of concept:


    By Limagito Remote Tool
  • 09 Oct

    File Types Filter option

    We’re adding a new feature called ‘File Type Filter’ (WIN as Source). It was an idea of one of our users. This option will check the header of the file and is useful when no file extension is available. Like always, feedback = much appreciated. Please let us know if you would like us to add other extension types.

    Enable the types you would like to filter (Include and Exclude filter available):


    We’ve add an option called ‘Add Type Extension’ so that the correct file extension can be added. You can edit our default extension.


    We’ve also added a file filter option which decides to exclude files with or without an extension.



    Limagito Team


    By Limagito Filters ,
  • 25 Sep

    Using Google Drive, Client ID and Secret

    Before you can use ‘Google Drive’ in our File Mover, you need to register a new application in the Google APIs Console.

    > Click the following link:
    > Log in with YOUR Google account

    > Select Drive API from Library


    > Create Project from Dashboard



    > Enter a project name. You don’t need to use ‘LimagitoX’, you can choose your own project name.


    > Enable Drive API from Dashboard


    > Setup Credentials from Dashboard



    > We will be using OAuth 2.0 authorization (Client ID & Client Secret)


    > Enter a valid email address and choose a product name



    > Click on the ‘Edit’ button of your OAuth 2.0 Client ID


    > Add the ‘Client ID’ and ‘Client Secret’ to the Google Drive Setup options of our File Mover


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