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June 4, 2018

FTP Error Codes

Copyright Value Description
SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_HANGUP 114689 (0x1C001) Some servers hang up control channels if no information is sent or received within rather short time. Hence, on large file transfers, the code which reports successful operation completion (226/250) is not sent by the server. FTPS client returns SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_HANGUP error code when the command channel hangs up, but when the session was gracefully closed by the server (i.e., file transfer was finished successfully).
SB_FTPS_ERROR_CONTROL_CHANNEL_NO_DATA 114690 (0x1C002) No data is being transferred via control channel.
SB_FTPS_ERROR_UNACCEPTED_REPLY_CODE 115713 (0x1C401) Unaccepted reply code. Such codes may be sent by servers when data connection closure was initiated on the client side.
SB_FTPS_ERROR_INVALID_REPLY 115714 (0x1C402) Invalid reply.
SB_FTPS_ERROR_LOCAL_SOURCE_NOT_FILE 116737 (0x1C801) Local source is not a file.
SB_FTPS_ERROR_LOCAL_TARGET_NOT_FILE 116738 (0x1C802) Local target is not a file.
SB_FTPS_ERROR_RESUME_OFFSET_TOO_LARGE 116739 (0x1C803) This error is fired when the it is impossible to resume data transfer (because resume offset is too large).
SB_FTPS_ERROR_OPERATION_CRITERIA_NOT_MET 116740 (0x1C804) The criteria for the requested operation is not met.
SB_FTPS_ERROR_TIMES_NOT_SET 116741 (0x1C805) The criteria for the requested operation is not met.
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