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October 28, 2023

How to execute script on temp folder

How to execute script on temp folder

Q: I would like to change the content of a file located on an FTP. I am trying to do so with a python script executed thanks to command option. So, my source is an FTP, and the destination is the same FTP. Is there a way to execute the command script on the temp folder so it would follow these steps :

  1. Move file from FTP to AppData\Local\Temp…
  2. Execute script on the moved file.
  3. Move the edited file to the same FTP.

I succeed doing it with 2 rules :

Rule 1 :

  1. Move file from FTP to a local folder.
  2. Execute script on the moved file.

Rule 2 :

  1. Move file from local folder to the same FTP.

Thank you!

A:  It should be possible in one Rule.

Your Destination setup will have 2 Destination entries. In my example below the second destination is WIN, in your case it would be FTP.
In the Command setup you can use parameters like %SFP%SFN
These parameters will point to the Source file located in the temporary folder after download from FTP as Source.

limagito file mover script on Temp folder

It is a good idea to adjust the Function setup. We changed the ‘Destination Options’ to ‘Exit Cyclus on Error’. So if the command in the first entry fails it will not move the file to the FTP server. It will retry the Command during the next scan.

limagito file mover function exit cyclus on error

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If you need any help with this ‘execute script on Temp folder’ option, please let us know.

Best Regards,

Limagito Team

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