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July 31, 2023

How to upload large files to Dropbox using Limagito File Mover

Uploading large files to Dropbox

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The default Dropbox upload API endpoint allows us to upload files up to 150MB. In version v2023.7.31.0 we optimized our code to automatically switch to a another API endpoint which allows us to upload larger files. This is all done automatically.

When ‘Large File Mode’ is used (files > 150MB):

  • We will upload the file in blocks of 32MB
  • For each of these 32MB blocks, we will calculate and send the SHA-256 hash code
    • This hash code will be used by Dropbox to check if the received block is OK.
    • If something goes wrong during the upload of a block, we’ll retry this block up to 3 times
  • At the end we’ll receive the total hash of the uploaded file from Dropbox which we’ll compare to be 100% sure

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If you need any info about this new ‘Dropbox as Source and Destination’ option, please let us know.

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