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July 2, 2015

LimagitoX vs LimagitoXI – a real upgrade

People may think that LimagitoXI is like one of the many updates of LimagitoX. Let me tell you that this isn’t the case. We’ve been working on this new version for almost a year. This is a real upgrade. At the same time we’ve upgraded our development IDE to create 64 bit versions. As internet component suite we are using SecureBlackBox from “”. In LimagitoXI we’ll upgrade to SecureBlackBox v13 so we can replace the current (non Eldos) IMAP4 and FTP server components. This way we’ll no longer have to use external openSSL dll’s.

Below a screenshot of WinMerge comparing some of our code files between X and XI.


WinMerge comparing a single source file, the yellow parts are differences between X and XI:



Limagito Team

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