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May 1, 2019

Logging Database, delete old records

Dear users,

Version v2019.5.1.0

We got a request to delete old records from the File Mover Logging Database. We added ‘Qry Type’ as option to the existing ‘SQL as Source’ to achieve this.

  • Add SQL as Source

  • Set Database Vendor to ‘Use MSSQL Database’

  • Set the MSSQL Server settings of the Logging Database

  • Set Qry Type option to ‘Qry will NOT return data’. Adjust the amount of days you want to keep. At the example below it is set to delete records older than 100 days (adjust the -100 part).

  • Add a ‘dummy’ Pascal Script’ as Destination

  • Set a schedule so trigger this Rule


Best regards,

Limagito Team