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September 15, 2015

Moving file to multiple destinations

We got the following question recently:

hello, i am currently running i have a rule that move file to an external ftp destination and also a unc path. if the ftp destination is not available the rule fails to move the file to it but keeps trying to send to the unc path. these means that the same file is sent many times to the unc destination. this keeps happening until the ftp site come back. is there a way to configure the rule to stop this behaviour? thanks robert

Our reply: Please enable ‘Destination Memory’ in your Function Setup.


This option will solve the issue because our file mover will remember which destination failed and will not move the file to the destination(s) that was(were) successful.


The feedback afterwards from robert was even better.

thanks very much, another option i didn’t know about. :-}
love the product



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