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May 7, 2021

Q&A 43: Read first line of a file and move to a specific folder

Q: Read first line of a file and move to a specific folder. I have some files that sit on a server and I would like to move them off to archive. Each file has a code in the first line that tells me where the file came from. The files are regular text (.txt) files. How can I set up Limagito to move the file based on that code? If the code contains B01, move to a folder named Branch1. If the code contains B02, move to a folder named Branch2. The code will usually have more letters surrounding the B01 and B02, so I need the logic to pick up on B01 and B02 being in the code.
A: Yes this is possible. All you need a simple Pascal Script. We’ve added some screenshots to get you started.

As a start we added a new Moving Rule with WIN as Source. In the windows source folder we added some txt files. We’ll read the first line and check if certain codes exists (B01, B02, ..). Depending on the code found we’ll use a different subfolder of the Destination folder. If this subfolder doesn’t exist then we’ll create it.

1.Please open the Pascal Script option:

LimagitoX File Mover Pascal Script

2. Enable and add the following ‘On Destination’ Pascal Script:

  tmpLine: String;
  tmpList: TStringList;
  psExitCode:= 0;
  psVSA := 'Unknown'
  // ... add your code here
  tmpList := TStringList.Create;
      tmpList.LoadFromFile(psFilePath + psFileName);
      // Check First Line
      If tmpList.Count <> 0 Then
        tmpLine := UpperCase(tmpList.Strings[0]);
        psLogWrite(1, '', 'First Line: ' + tmpLine);
        // check
        If Pos('B01', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Alabama';
        If Pos('B02', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Alaska';
        If Pos('B03', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Arizona';
        If Pos('B04', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Arkansas';
        If Pos('B05', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'California';
        If Pos('B06', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Colorado';
        If Pos('B07', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Connecticut';
        If Pos('B08', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Delaware';
        If Pos('B09', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Florida';
        If Pos('B10', tmpLine) <> 0 Then psVSA := 'Georgia';
        // Set ExitCode
        psLogWrite(1, '', 'Subfolder which will be used ' + psVSA);
        psExitCode := 1;
        psLogWrite(1, '', 'Error no lines in ' + psFilePath + psFileName);
      psLogWrite(1, '', 'Error when loading ' + psFilePath + psFileName);

Limagito File Mover Pascal Script On Destination

3. Destination Setup, Create Subdir, option:  %VSA

XFM Limagito File Mover Destination SubDir option

4. RunTime Log Result

Limagito File Mover RunTime Log

5. Destination SubFolder Structure, if subfolder doesn’t exist then it will be create by our File Mover:


If you need any help with this ‘Read first line of a file’ request, please let us know.

Happy Easter,

Limagito Team

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