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June 4, 2018

SSL Error Codes

Copyright www.secureblackbox.comValuePossible reason and steps to take
ERROR_SSL_TIMEOUT73730 (0x12002)
  1. Connection is made to/from a service that doesn’t talk proper SSL (e.g. a plain HTTP connection is made to an HTTPS port). Re-check that both client and server services are talking SSL.
  2. Unsupported version of the protocol. Try to play with Versions property of the SSL component and check if any of the combination helps.
ERROR_SSL_BAD_RECORD_MAC75778 (0x12802)The peers failed to negotiate a shared key material. Try connecting with different cipher suites one-by-one and check if any of them helps. If neither does, try to use a different protocol version.
ERROR_SSL_RECORD_OVERFLOW75780 (0x12804)Packet size too large. Try to decrease the maximal size of the packet by adjusting the MaxFragmentLength extension.
ERROR_SSL_DECOMPRESSION_FAILURE75781 (0x12805)Compression or decompression failure. Switch off compression (CompressionAlgorithms property).
ERROR_SSL_HANDSHAKE_FAILURE75782 (0x12806)Incompatible versions or cipher suite lists. Try to play with version and cipher suite sets. Check that the server certificate is provided and has an associated private key.
ERROR_SSL_NO_CERTIFICATE75783 (0x12807)The certificate provided by the peer is not valid.
ERROR_SSL_ACCESS_DENIED75791 (0x1280F)The requested application-layer resource cannot be accessed by the requestor. Check with the administrator of the remote resource.
ERROR_SSL_EXPORT_RESTRICTION75794 (0x12812)The peer is only configured to use exportable cipher suites. Switch on support for “EXPORT” cipher suites.
ERROR_SSL_PROTOCOL_VERSION75795 (0x12813)The peers have not been able to negotiate a version to use (no shared protocol versions).
ERROR_SSL_INSUFFICIENT_SECURITY75796 (0x12814)The cipher suites mutually supported by the peers are too weak and do not provide an adequate level of security.
ERROR_SSL_INTERNAL_ERROR75797 (0x12815)Contact the vendor.
ERROR_SSL_USER_CANCELED75798 (0x12816)Application layer has shut down the connection.
ERROR_SSL_NO_RENEGOTIATION75799 (0x12817)One of the peers requested a renegotiation, which was refused by the other. Note that you will get this error (as a warning) if you return Allow = false from the OnRenegotiationStart event handler.
ERROR_SSL_CLOSE_NOTIFY75800 (0x12818)Does not indicate an error condition. The SSL connection was closed gracefully and can be restored or cloned in future.
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