• 14 May

    New counters added in Limagito File Mover

    Newly added in Limagito File Mover recently:

    Values total counters (history):

    • psTotalFiles Counter:  %CSC
    • psTotalFilesSrcError Counter:  %CFS
    • psTotalFileDstError Counter:  %CFD
    • psTotalControlSrc Counter:  %CCS
    • psTotalControlDst Counter:  %CCD

    The following counters will reset themself On Rule Begin:

    • psCurrentsFiles Counter:  %ZSC
    • psCurrentFilesSrcError Counter:  %ZFS
    • psCurrentFilesDstError Counter:  %ZFD
    • psCurrentControlSrcError Counter:  %ZCS
    • psCurrentControlDstError Counter:  %ZCD

    limagito file mover counter parameters

    These can be used for example in email events.

    New counters added and used in email events


    Result of sent email:

    New counters added in email example

    These counters are also available as Pascal Script var so this means you can control only to send an error email if for example the value of an error counter reaches a certain value.

    limagito file mover on error event

    Important, enable ‘Use Pascal Script as Event Precondition’ in the options tab:

    use pascal script as precondition in limagito file mover

    You can create any combination of our counters to determine when the error event should actually be sent. Please let us know if you need any help here.

    limagito file mover pascal script as precondition using counters

    An example of the the new counters being used in our Pascal Script ‘On Rule End’ option:

    New counters added in our file mover pascal script option

    RunTime Log Result:

    New counters added in our file mover pascal script option

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    If you need any info  please let us know.

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    Limagito Team

    By Limagito-Team How-to Pascal Script