• 16 May

    Q&A 11: Remove info from the RunTime log in LimagitoX File Mover

    Q: For every folder in the source We have a line in the RunTime log at every run saying “adjusting destination path to ” the same folder in one of the 2 destinations, can I remove it?

    A: Yes, this is possible using the ‘Log Exclude Filter’ option.

    1.- Open Logging Setup


    Please use the ‘Log Exclude Filter’. You can add multiple exclude filter using a semicolon ;

    The Log Exclude Filter is availabe for all other logging options like ‘History Log’, ‘Database Log’, ..


    If you need help with the ‘Log Exclude Filter’ please let us know.


    Limagito Team

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  • 10 Jan

    Using an absolute date in the Filedate Filter

    Wondering if there is a way to only move files newer than a particular date. I see that I can include or exclude files older than a specific number of days or hours (which are *relative* times), but nothing with specific date/time (*absolute* times).

    We got the following question from  a long time user. We added this option in ‘v11.101.11.0’. This will compare the FileDate with an absolute Date. Option is added in the Include and Exclude Filedate filter. Set the ‘File Date Filter Reference’ to ‘Date Absolute’ to enable this option.



    Limagito Team

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