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January 29, 2023

Trying to connect to a shared mailbox in 365

Q: I am now trying to connect to a shared mailbox in 365, can you please assist on how I can do this? The authentication is working fine against the user mailbox [A] but I’m not sure how to modify the IMAP4 setup to connect to a shared mailbox.

Source:  [IMAP4]


Shared mail: – mailbox permissions setup, email apps enabled

I’ve tried using:\health in the username and various other option all without success [B]

If I put in the Mailbox I think it ignores this and connects to the user mailbox.

If I follow the instructions it returns error ‘Check Password’ [C]

Many thanks, Adam

Limagito File Mover shared mailbox in 365

Limagito File Mover shared mailbox in 365

Limagito File Mover shared mailbox in 365

– Limagito:

Hello Adam,
According to our information (confirmed by a user) you should enter the shared mail address as username (
The reason why in our article the password is left blank is because our user was using OAuth2 authentication.
( )

That is why you get the ‘Check Password’ Messagebox.

Question, what happens when you enter as username and the password from the admin account (

– Customer:

As suggested I changed the username to

And left the password is it was for the admin account (

This now lists the health mailbox!

The source is now: [IMAP4]

I would not have thought to try exactly that. One for your (&mine) documentation perhaps

Thanks again for your quick response 😊


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Best regards,

Limagito Team

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