• 21 Sep

    Limagito File Mover v9 support will end in 2014

    Dear Users,

    We’ll no longer support Limagito v9 in 2015. Our next generation File Mover called LimagitoX in it’s current status is a very good replacement for v9. Stability has even reached a higher level as v9. In the meanwhile we are working hard on our next version called LimagitoXI. LimagitoXI is based on LimagitoX and uses the same settings so it’s much easier to upgrade in the future.

    Best Regards,

    Limagito Team


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  • 22 Aug

    File System Adapter Error Codes

    The File System Adapter performs actual file-related operations.

    Possible return values:

     Definition                      Value              Description
     ERROR_FACILITY_VFS              102400 (0x19000)   Base error code for VFS errors
     ERROR_VFS_ERROR_FLAG            1024 (0x0400)      VFS error flag
     ERROR_VFS_CUSTOM_ERROR_FLAG     2048 (0x0800)      VFS custom error flag
     SB_VFS_ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND     103426 (0x19402)   File not found
     SB_VFS_ERROR_PATH_NOT_FOUND     103427 (0x19403)   Path not found
     SB_VFS_ERROR_ACCESS_DENIED      103429 (0x19405)   Access denied
     SB_VFS_ERROR_WRITE_PROTECT      103443 (0x19413)   The file is write-protected
     SB_VFS_ERROR_ERROR_CRC          103447 (0x19417)   CRC error
     SB_VFS_ERROR_NOT_SUPPORTED      103474 (0x19432)   Operation not supported
     SB_VFS_ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER  103511 (0x19457)   Invalid parameter encountered when accessing directory entries
     SB_VFS_ERROR_NO_MEDIA           104536 (0x19858)   Storage media is not accessible
     SB_VFS_UNSPECIFIED_ERROR        104448 (0x19800)   Any unspecified error
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  • 22 Aug

    Subdirectory Name Filter (Source = WIN)

    Let’s use an example to make things more clear.

    * Source Path: C:\Input\

    Folders available in Source Path:


    If we only want to include files from let’s say C:\Input\SubDir2 then we need to add the following filter to the ‘Include Subdirectory Name Filter’:


    If we want to include files from C:\Input\SubDir2 and it’s subdirectories then we need to add the following filters to the ‘Include Subdirectory Name Filter’:


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