• 07 May

    Icon View Style

    We’ve added an icon view style option to the Moving Rules listview. Right click on the listview and enable ‘Icon View Style’.



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  • 30 Apr

    Exit Destination Cyclus On Error

    We got a lot of user requests lately. One of them was an option to break/exit the destination output cyclus on error. This only works with multiple destinations. Added in version ‘v11.104.30.0’. Output to the next destination will be interrupted when an error occurs.


    Next option request was to delete a WIN destination file if it already exists. So before the actual copy/move we’ll check if the (source) filename exists in the destination directory and if it exists then we’ll delete it first. Also added in ‘v11.104.30.0’.


    Don’t forget, you can change the method of deleting (Delete Type option) in the Function Setup screen.



    Limagito Team


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  • 25 Apr

    Q&A 22: Can I use filenames longer than 256 characters

    We received the following information from Joe, a new Limagito vXI user.

    Your program copies from sources longer than 256 characters, and destinations longer than 256 characters.

    Just have to put \\?\ at the beginning of the path for local drives and \\?\UNC\ for network drives.


    Some examples:

    • Local Drive folder
      • C:\PathThatIsVeryLong\ => \\?\C:\PathThatIsVeryLong\
    • Network Drive Folder:
      • \\ServerName\PathThatIsVeryLong\ => \\?\UNC\ServerName\PathThatIsVeryLong\
      • For a share folder (\\ServerName\PathThatIsVeryLong\), we could use \\?\UNC\ServerName\PathThatIsVeryLong\ where “ServerName” is the name of the computer and “PathThatIsVeryLong” is the name of the shared folder.

    More information: msdn.microsoft.com

    For more recent OS versions we found the following:
    How to make windows accept file paths over 260 characters


    Limagito Team

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