• 28 Apr

    Q&A 1: explain the difference between orange, blue and grey button

    Q: I have many rules in the mover and have a pretty good handle on what it is they are doing.  However, there are rules that I have copied so that I can make changes without affecting the originals.  The rules are now displayed with grey buttons on them.  Please explain the difference between an orange, a blue and a grey button for each rule.  Beyond that I would like to know the significance of the double arrow vs. single arrow on the same buttons.

    A: https://limagito.com/icon-legend/

    FYI:  On our website blog I’ve searched for icon
    If you need any help , please let us know.
    Limagito Team
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  • 15 Apr

    Icon Legend

    Dear Users,

    We often get questions about the color of a certain icon in the Rule list. The following icon legend is available under the Help menu item.

    Mostly users ask about the orange color. The icon turns orange when an error occurs. You can reset this status with a right click on the Rule and click ‘Reset Info Status’. To disable this this behaviour, right click on the Rule ans select ‘Disable Info Status’.


    Limagito Team

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  • 07 May

    Icon View Style

    We’ve added an icon view style option to the Moving Rules listview. Right click on the listview and enable ‘Icon View Style’.



    Limagito Team

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