• 07 Apr

    How-To Backup LimagitoX Settings using DB Scheduler

    Dear Users,


    On request we’ve added an option to automatically backup the settings of our file mover using a schedule. All settings are stored in a SQLite Database and the most important one is ‘LimagitoX.sqlite’. It’s very important not to lock this file because this could interfere the File Mover operation. Please do not copy this file yourself because of the lock risk, always use the new scheduler option.

    Tools > Options > Database Tab

    Setup the Schedule

    The backup of the settings will be stored in the ‘Bak’ subfolder of the File Mover settings folder:


    Optionally you could create an extra Moving rule to copy/move these files to your storage server.

    If you want to create a backup manually.


    Limagito Team

  • 24 Mar

    IMAP search and filter options

    Dear Users,

    LimagitoX File Mover v2019.3.17.0

    We’ve made some adjustments to the IMAP File filter. Suppose you would like to download all pdf files attached in your email messages.

    1.Don’t forget to add *.pdf to the PreFix Filter option. Very important because otherwise we’ll have too much overhead.

    2.Secondly add the same filter to the File name filter since we only want the pdf file from the email. Other files in the message like .jpg (company logo or ..) will be ignored.


    Limagito Team

    By Limagito-Team IMAP4
  • 20 Jan

    Using HTTP Server RunTime Log option as Interface

    Dear Users,

    On request we expanded the built in HTTP server to except some extra parameters of the log URL (i.e. )

    • Before we go further, please check if the HTTP Server is Enabled (Menu item: Server\HTTP Server)

    • Also the RunTime Log option must be enabled to use these extra parameters

    What parameters were already available:

    • ruleid
      • Show the RunTime Log of RuleID 4
    • exe
      • Execute RuleID4

    Since v2019.1.20.0 we’ve added the following extra parameters:

    • status
      • Get the Status of RuleID 4 as HTML Status Code
      • We are using unassigned Status codes as Rule Status (RFC7231: 227-299 Unassigned)
        • 250 = Hold Mode
        • 251 = Move Enabled
        • 252 = Copy Enabled
        • 253 = Delete Enabled
        • 254 = Move enabled, Check RunTime Log
        • 255 = Copy enabled, Check RunTime Log
        • 256 = Delete enabled, Check RunTime Log
        • 257 = Move Disabled
        • 258 = Copy Disabled
        • 259 = Delete Disabled
        • 261 = Move Running
        • 262 = Copy Running
        • 263 = Delete Running
        • 264 = Move Terminating
        • 265 = Copy Terminating
        • 266 = Delete Terminating
        • 270 = Scanning Disabled
    • report
      • Get the Report of RuleID 4

    Quite some customers use a command line tool called curl to execute a rule from an external application. This command line tool (curl) uses the built in HTTP server options/parameters we explained before.

    Some examples:

    • Execute RuleID4 using curl
      • curl
    • Get Status Code of RuleID as HTML Status Code using curl
      • curl -sL -w “%{http_code}” -I “” -o /dev/null
    • Get Report of RuleID 4 in your browser

    Please let us know if you have any questions about these new parameters. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

    Limagito Team

    By Limagito-Team HTTP , ,
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