• 19 Apr

    Backup source file only when copy or move to destination is successful

    Q: Backup source file only when copy or move to destination is successful. At this moment we are using the Backup option to create a backup of the source file. This is working fine but it seems to create a backup before the file is copied or moved to its destination. So when the destination fails due to some reason then the file still will be available in the backup folder. This is something we don’t want. It should only create a backup when copy or move to destination is successful.

    A: Yes this is possible but you need to do this a bit differently.

    In version v2021.4.21.0 we added a new Function Option: ‘Destination Memory & Exit Cyclus on Error’ which will be used in the setup.

    In the following example we are moving pdf Files from a WIN source to a WIN Destination. Our goal is to create a backup of the source file but only when the move to the destination succeeds.

    1.We are using a WIN folder as source, but will also work with all other Source types.

    Limagito File Mover WIN as Source
    2.Be sure the Backup option is unchecked (disabled). We need a different setup for this request.
    Limagito File Mover Backup File Setup
    3. Add an extra WIN Destination as Backup (must be the last one). This second (WIN) Destination will contain the Backup of the source files.
    Limagito File Mover Backup Destination
    4. One more step is to select ‘Destination Memory & Exit Cyclus on Error’ in the function setup.
    Limagito File Mover Function Setup
    Summary, due to this new ‘Destination Memory & Exit Cyclus on Error’ option:
    • when the first Destination fails, it will exit and not copy the file to the second, aka ‘Backup’, Destination.
    • when the first Destination succeeds but a move to the second, aka ‘Backup’, destination fails:
      • It remembers the move to the first Destination which was succesful and will not move the same source file to this first Destination during the next scan.
      • When the second Destination is available again, it will move the source file to this Destination only.
    If you need any help with this ‘Backup source file only when copy or move to destination is successful’ request, please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Limagito Team

    By Limagito Backup
  • 07 Apr

    How-To Backup LimagitoX Settings using DB Scheduler

    Dear Users,


    On request we’ve added an option to automatically backup the settings of our file mover using a schedule. All settings are stored in a SQLite Database and the most important one is ‘LimagitoX.sqlite’. It’s very important not to lock this file because this could interfere the File Mover operation. Please do not copy this file yourself because of the lock risk, always use the new scheduler option.

    Tools > Options > Database Tab

    Setup the Schedule

    The backup of the settings will be stored in the ‘Bak’ subfolder of the File Mover settings folder:


    Optionally you could create an extra Moving rule to copy/move these files to your storage server.


    Limagito Team