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  • 02 Jul

    LimagitoX vs LimagitoXI – a real upgrade

    People may think that LimagitoXI is like one of the many updates of LimagitoX. Let me tell you that this isn’t the case. We’ve been working on this new version for almost a year. This is a real upgrade. At the same time we’ve upgraded our development IDE to create 64 bit versions. As internet component suite we are using SecureBlackBox from “”. In LimagitoXI we’ll upgrade to SecureBlackBox v13 so we can replace the current (non Eldos) IMAP4 and FTP server components. This way we’ll no longer have to use external openSSL dll’s.

    Below a screenshot of WinMerge comparing some of our code files between X and XI.


    WinMerge comparing a single source file, the yellow parts are differences between X and XI:



    Limagito Team

  • 28 Jun

    New feature ideas – part two

    More ideas ..

    – Hoe kan ik een rule de aantallen bestanden laten tellen die hij in een rule heeft verwerkt, en deze vervolgens emailen? Of, uitlezen van de te verwerken bestandsnamen, deze in een array zetten en deze lijst kunnen emailen aan het eind van de rule.

    PS: Heb je al eens overwogen om wat meer voorbeelden van verschillende pascal oplossingen op de site te plaatsen? Dan kunnen gebruikers daar naar gelang voorbeelden uit halen en zo zelf weer stukken code combineren. Indien je niet bekend bent met pascal is het erg moeilijk om zelf te bedenken hoe je zaken in elkaar moet knutselen. Paar simpele voorbeelden zou mensen al aardig op weg kunnen helpen waardoor ze minder hoeven uit te wijken naar jullie support.

    Met vriendelijke groet,


    – ‘d love to see integration with a fast UDP transfer (aka WAN acceleration). There are some open source UDP transfer options out there. If you integrate those with Limagito, it could be a big boon to your already amazing software. Here is one of the open source options:

    Thanks for some amazing software! -Dave

    You software is perfect for us but I wish it was also an SFTP/FTPS/FTP server so it could accept inbound feeds.

    Thank you. 




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  • 22 Jun

    Asking for new Limagito file mover features

    June 22 2015

    I asked one of my customers (thank you Chris) if he had some ideas for new features. The result .. four really nice ideas.

    First – being able to create destinations that you can pick when you are setting-up jobs would be helpful.  Primarily, FTP, SFTP, FTPS. For instance if I want to have 5 separate jobs that need the same FTP information and credentials.  I would like to be able to save connection information to use it when creating the FTP, SFTP, destination. 

    Second – We have occasions to copy a file or files to a directory on a whole set of servers.  It would be helpful if we could move one or multiple files to a directory on several servers in one job.  Maybe by subnet, picking from a list in the network neighborhood, or similar.  Also, if you could run this copy job under a “Run As” so you can use the proper security context.

    Third – If the application could generate and email a daily report of all files that moved in every 24 hours (or configurable period) and send it to a list or alias, that would be good.  More and more companies want to audit all file movements, so this would help with that.

    Fourth – Not having to stop and start the service after changes would be very helpful.

    So if you also have a feature request then please don’t hesitate. Let us know. If it’s possible then we’ll try to add it.



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