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  • 12 Nov

    Change Notify network folders usage optimization

    Change Notify Network folders usage optimization (v2023.11.11.0) [*]

    In this version we optimized the code for network folders. We added a watchdog in case something goes wrong with the connection to the network folder. It will show you the necessary error information in the log and also we linked the ‘On No File Found’ event to the case when the watchdog is triggered. You could use this event to get an email notification when something goes wrong with the Change Notify monitoring of a (network) folder.

    limagito file mover rule events

    limagito file mover on no file found event


    Change Notify, Force scan after error recovery (v2023.11.12.0) [+]

    New option ‘Force single scan after error recovery’ was added. If due to some reason the connection to the network share is lost and repaired afterwards by the new Watchdog option, you have the possibility to do a full scan of the source folder.

    limagito file mover chnage notify network folders


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    If you need any help with this ‘Change Notify network folders’ option, please let us know.

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