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    Create an empty file named done.txt as all the files have been moved

    Q: We are using your software for some simple file moving automation. We find it very reliable and we would like to convert our existing CMD and ps scripts to Limagito rules. We have a script which performs the following steps:

    • Copy a directory and its contents from an FTP source only if the directory name matches a certain pattern (LQJ_yyyymmdd) > OK
    • Transfer the contents of the directory to an FTP destination in the folder /Replica/yyyymmdd/LQJ > OK
    • Create an empty file named done.txt as soon as all the files have been moved to the destination (step 2) in the FTP folder /Replica/yyymmdd

    Could you give me a hint about how to perform the last step?

    A: This is possible using some Pascal Script we created for you.

    Please open the Pascal Script setup:

    limagito file mover pascal script

    • Enable and Add the following ‘On Rule Begin’ Pascal Script. The result of psVSB will be used as parameter (%VSB) in the directory filter setup.
      psExitCode:= 1;
      // ... add your code here
      psVSA := FormatDateTime('YYYYMMDD', Now);
      psVSB := '*_' + psVSA + ';' + '*\*_' + psVSA + '\*';
      psLogWrite(1, '', psVSB);

    limagito file mover on rule begin pascal script

    • Enable and add the following ‘On Rule End’ Pascal Script. This script will create the Done.txt file ‘On Rule End’ when all files were transferred successfully. Don’t forget to adjust the ctDonePath ( must end with a \ ).
      tmpList: TStringList;
      tmpFile: String;
      ctDonePath = 'C:\Test\Pressor\Replica\';
      psExitCode:= 0;
      tmpFile := ctDonePath + psVSA + '\Done.txt';
      // ... add your code here
      If (psCurrentFilesSrcError = 0) And (psCurrentFilesDstError = 0) Then
        tmpList := TStringList.Create;
          tmpList.Text := 'Dummy Content';
            psCreatePath(ctDonePath + psVSA);
            // Debug
            psLogWrite(1, '', 'Save To File ' + tmpFile + ' Successful');
            // set ExitCode Successful
            psExitCode := 1;
            psLogWrite(1, '', 'Save To File ' + tmpFile + ' Error');
        psLogWrite(1, '', tmpFile + ' will not be created due to source or desitnation error(s)');

    limagito file mover on rule end pascal script

    • Directory setup, be sure to enable ‘Include Subdirectories’ and ‘Exclude Basedirectory’:

    limagito file mover directory setup

    • Set Dir Name include filter to:  %VSB

    The value of parameter %VSB will be set in the ‘On Rule Begin’ Pascal Script.

    limagit file mover directory name filter

    • Set Dir Name exclude filter to exclude certain unwanted subfolders:

    limagito file mover directory exclude filter

    • Be sure to allow the use of parameters in the Directory Name filter:

    limagito file mover directory filter

    • Destination setup:

    Limagito file mover destination setup

    limagito file mover win as destination

    limagito file mover windows folder as destination

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    If you need any info  about this ‘Create an empty file named done’ request, please let us know.

    Best regards,

    Limagito Team

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